My MasterChefing Madness!

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So lately I’ve been MasterChefing my butt off. Well ok maybe not THAT much, but I have made 2 new dishes! A BIG step for me!

So the first was a delicious Chocolate Mousse! Mmmmm it was sooo good, but quite heavy. Most of us could only eat half. So I’m now on a mission to find and make a much lighter and fluffier one!


Dish number 2 was last nights dinner! Spaghetti Marinara and for my second fully cooked dinner all by myself I was pretty bloody chuffed!!


masterchef-015So there you go, I may just make a bloody good housewife yet!!

And a special mention to a future brother-in-law – surely you’re impressed! And yes I will cook dinner for you soon!

So how often do you cook? When did you learn to cook?

Surely I’m not the only nearly 26 year-old out there who has put cooking off for this long!!

Oh and just on the quiet – really this cooking thing aint so bad after all!

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