Mummy Guilt

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Lots of things come under the heading of Mummy Guilt. If you’ve got a spare couple of hours I could no doubt come up with a list well into the hundreds if not thousands.

But this Mummy is feeling the mummy guilt of the old TV. You see up until a couple of weeks ago Miss Sophie didn’t give two hoots about watching TV. Sometimes I’d have ABC Kids on and she’d stop and watch the opening songs of shows then once the music stopped she’d be on her merry way pottering around the house.

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Then one afternoon I flicked the tele on and up popped Hi 5. Sophie was mesmermised. Totally transfixed. Ok, I thought, this could come in handy. You know when you just need 10 minutes to do something, like have a shower, without an 18 month stuck to your leg.

Then all of a sudden Sophie became obsessed. Yep OBSESSED with Hi 5. I’d go in to her room of a morning and this is what I’d be greeted with “Hi Mum, Jack Jack, Hi 5″!

Then there were no Hi Mums, just Hi 5, oh and Jack the dog still got a mention. And the sheer enjoyment on her little chubby face when that music starts and her little hand does hi fives in the air and she starts singing along, hi hi hi hi hi, seriously makes me smile!

I’m really conscious of how obsessed Sophie has become with Hi 5 yet I still find myself putting on the DVD so I can get things done around the house. Hence the Mummy Guilt. Before I had kids I was never one to sprout that my kids would never watch TV. But I always hoped I’d have a happy medium.

Thankfully when I check on Soph in her playroom she’s often just pottering around playing with toys or looking at her books, so I think she just likes having the music on.

So the other day I bought a CD player and some Hi 5 music CDs to try and break the DVD obsession! It’s helped a bit, but she asked for it to be put on the TV.

Then yesterday a friend commented that a husband of a friend of her’s is a paediatrician, and apparently TV isn’t that bad after all for kids. You know as long as they’re watching something like Hi 5 and not the movie Fightclub.

How much TV do you let your kids watch? Do they have a favourite show they always ask for?

  • Lianty
    April 21, 2012

    In the night garden is so popular in our house that it is now part of the daily routine. I don’t mind watching it actually, it’s kind of quirky and very cute and programed for that last 1/2 hour before bedtime.

  • Shelley
    April 23, 2012

    Hi-5 is a real obsession in these parts too, so much so that I’ve started recording it during the day as we’re not home when it’s on. I don’t mind as the whole time she spends dancing and singing to it. I also play Justine Clarke’s CDs when she’s playing in her room, which she loves. Nothing sweeter than hearing her singing out loud while I’m pottering around the place. xx

  • Nicole
    April 27, 2012

    My 20month asks for “Cool Cool” which translates to Play School, he watches maybe 10 minutes before getting distracted.

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