Miffy the Movie Review

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Sophie & I at Miffy the Movie!

I wasn’t sure how my 2.5 year old would go at her first time at the movies. Would she sit still? Would she enjoy it?

Well… I needn’t have worried for a second, because the minute she sat down at the cinema with her far too big box of popcorn she was glued to the ‘big TV’ as she called it!

Miffy the Movie follows Miffy, Melanie and Grunty and Snuffy the dog on their treasure hunt adventure through the zoo. With our Easter egg treasure hunt still fresh in little Sophie’s mind, she was hooked!

The gorgeous story line is perfect for even the littlest of kiddies. Sophie loved all the animals as Miffy and her friends solve the clues of their treasure hunt.

I loved Grunty’s sweet little life lessons along the way and Sophie loved telling me the colours of all the animals and the sounds they make.

YAY a Miffy DVD!

Sophie got a big surprise when a copy of the movie arrived in the mail yesterday! She yelled ‘watch it now, watch it now’!! 5 minutes in and she was telling me what was going to happen next!

The catchy little treasure hunt song was soon being sung, followed by squeals of delight as Miffy, Melanie & Grunty met the animals around the zoo.

Soph always loved Miffy, but Miffy the Movie has certainly turned her into a big fan!! I can highly recommend the movie for kiddies of all ages. It’s very sweet, with some hidden education in there along the way!

Miffy the Movie on DVD is available from May 29. Keep an eye out for a DVD giveaway!

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