Mean mothers…

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Recently on a Facebook group I’m a part of, a mum wrote about an outing to the local museum for her 20 month daughter to have a play on the kids equipment. Seems normal enough, right? Wrong.

A mother approached her from a mothers group that was there and asked to her leave. ASKED HER TO LEAVE. Why? Because apparently their children were uncomfortable playing with other children outside of their mothers group so she asked her to leave and come back another time. And yes this is a PUBLIC PLACE. The poor mum was so shocked she scooped up her daughter, who by the way was playing very nicely and not hurting anyone, and left.

The more I’ve thought about this over the past couple of days, the more pissed off I am.

One, it’s a public place and every mum, dad, child, carer whoever, has the right to be there. And two, why are mum’s so damn mean to each other.

And this is where my rant begins. Being a mum is tough. It’s hard work, it’s tiring, it’s frustrating so why the fark are we so hard on each other. Mum’s need to stick together. Help one another. Not kick them out of a public farking playground.

Seriously. If that mum had have approached me and asked me to leave with that lame excuse, if I wasn’t in a total state of shock I would have told her if the kids are so uncomfortable then have mothers group at home. Or include other kids so they don’t become social morons and can’t socialise with other kids.

Far out. Even as I write this I still can’t get my head around this happening. And apparently it’s quite common; groups trying to hog the area.

So if you’re one of ‘those’ mum’s, think twice before you make another mum feel like shit. You don’t know what sort of day/week/month they’re having. And one day if you’re made to feel like shit try and stand up for yourself.

Maybe one day us mum’s, and women in general will stop being so hard on each other.

  • Kristy
    June 3, 2012

    Well said, i couldn’t agree with you more!!!

  • Carrie
    June 3, 2012

    Totally agree. Us mum’s need to stick together, not make each other feel bad! Xxxx

  • Renee Geale
    June 4, 2012

    I am constantly amazed at the lengths some mothers go to, to make other Mums feel like crap. I was outraged once with an old school friend who posted photo’s of her son’s arm that had a bite mark from another kid at daycare. Other Mum’s then commented saying things like ‘Name & Shame the kid’ AND ‘There are just some kids out there that are pure evil. HONESTLY!! I really think we all need to open our eyes and realise not all kids are perfect and kids have many reasons for behaving badly :(

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