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Crazy thought I know! If you know me, you’d know I don’t read. Well I don’t read novels anyway. Magazines and blogs, yes. But books? Pfft, no! Well, until now anyway!

So welcome to Ami’s Bookshelf! I started compiling a post of all the books I’ve read in the last year, (don’t worry it’s not many!) but then decided to do one book at a time!

You can read my book review of Mia Freedman’s book, Mama Mia, by clicking HERE.

air-kisses-zoe-fosterSo today we’re going to have a chat about Air Kisses by Zoe Foster.

My new hubby and I had just arrived at the airport to fly to QLD for our Honeymoon. The lady behind the counter cheerily says to us: ‘Do you know this flight has been delayed for approximately 3 hours’. I felt like saying do you think we’d freaking be here this early if we knew. No.

Anyway, no point in going home so we headed for the newsagent/book shop. Hubby picks out a couple of books quickly and peruses the rest, while I stand there looking blankly and all the books staring back at me. Then all of a sudden a title catches my eye: ‘Air Kisses’. I pick up the book, turn over and see a quote about how good the book is from none other than Mia Freedman. Done. Sold.

Then I started reading and as cliche as it might sound, I couldn’t put it down! Quick background for you:

“After Hannah Atkins, the magazine world’s most unlikely beauty editor, is dumped for the local TV weather girl, she adopts some hardcore rules to attain the Perfect Life. She will learn how to blend her eye makeup so she doesn’t resemble an over-emotional beauty queen. She will triumph over the catty mag-hags waiting to see her trip in her new-season Jimmy Choos. She will not drunkenly disgrace herself at achingly hip PR launches. She will not accidentally go home with inappropriate men. And she absolutely will not fall in love with one of them . . .”

I instantly fell in love with Hannah and all her faux pas. And by the second chapter I felt like I’d known Hannah for ages. What girl hasn’t be heartbroken. What girl hasn’t slept in and decided not to blow-dry their hair and shove it in a ponytail, and then run into that bloody ex-boyfriend, at which time you’re kicking yourself thinking shit, if I only I’d dragged my arse out of bed 30 minutes earlier I could have looked WAY better than what I do right about now!

Yep, if you can relate to that, then your going to LURVE Air Kisses! It’s a really easy read, and plus at the beginning of every chapter you get a beauty tip! Plenty of which I plan to put to good use, if only I could get up that half hour early to care more about how I look when I walk out the door. Now I’ve probably jinxed myself and will definitely run into someone I don’t want to, looking all crap.


textbook-romance-zoe-fosterAnyway sorry, I digress. So go and get yourself a copy of Air Kisses. Trust me you’ll love it. And while you’re at it, why not pick up a copy of Zoe’s new book, with Hamish Blake, (yes one half of Hamish & Andy, who is so cute, who I would love to be the girl version of and get paid to have fun and make people laugh on radio.)

Oh sorry there I go digressing again. Right where was I? Oh, yes the title of the book might help!! Textbook Romance. I haven’t read it yet, because it is on it’s way in the mail, but if it’s anything like Air Kisses, it’ll definitely be fab. Stay tuned for that review soon!

What’s on your bookshelf this week?

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