Master Julie!

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MasterChef Winner Julie!

So did you watch the MasterChef Finale last night! We certainly did! And in my educated opinion, yes the best person one!! I jumped on Team Julie (& Justine, just quietly she was robbed) quite¬† a few weeks ago and was so excited when she won last night! I’m wondering now what I’m going to watch on TV. Maybe Dancing My Ass Off?! Or maybe not!

Anyway. So of course with anything like this there are always those people who want to be negative. Some comments that have been thrown around; Is Julie a MasterChef? No, she’s a MasterCook. My answer to that is; Look it’s a reality TV show and in 3 months time was anyone really expecting these people to come out as fully qualified Chef’s? No. I’m assuming it takes years, not months to train to become an actual Master Chef.

Could Julie work in a professional kitchen? Who knows. Maybe. Maybe not. At the end of the day, clearly this lady CAN cook and what she chooses to do now with her future is entirely up to her. I think her cookbook will be a huge success. Who knows, maybe I might even buy it! What the show did for cooking and food in Australia truly is fantastic as we hear of the stories from cooking schools about increased enrollments and from supermarkets having to order in the more ‘unusual ingredients’ as people try to create their own MasterChef dish at home.

So all in all, FINALLY, a great reality TV series, and as a cute celebrity chef said this morning on Sunrise, the real winner here is food!!

In case you missed it or want to experience the teary moment all over again, here’s the final announcement!

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  • Ben Holmes
    July 22, 2009

    What an absolute ratings bonanza this show has been!!! and the controvercial end has only made it more popular.
    Now Ami, you know my thoughts on the winner, however for your other readers, i will outline my stance on the situation.
    There is no doubt that Julie is an exceptional cook, if not the best in Australia. And it is likely she would make a good chef in her own restaurant. However, my understanding of what the show was looking for was a MASTERCHEF. Now i am definitely not a chef and only a cook some of the time, however i do eat out a lot and also have a number of friends in the industry. Some of the important things i believe make a good chef (and lets be clear i am talking about a chef and not a cook) are most importantly your food must taste good, but just as important, your timing and organisation must be perfect. Not as important as these previous points but part of running a sucessful kitchen is being able to make something out of nothing. If something can go wrong it will so a chef need sto be able to think on the run if a delivery doesn’t arrive or food gets spoilt.
    Now from what i have seen on the show, Yes Julie food tasted sensational, however she failed to deliver a finished product on so many occassions. And as soon as she had an ingredient or menu out of her comfort zone she was a mess. I’m definitely not a chris fan, even though he delivered finished products his food sometimes wasn’t tsaty enough. Not good enough. However Poh and Justine i thought seemed to fit the criteria of masterchef well.

    OK… few… what am i eluding to after all of this rambling? I think the show itself is a little bit confused. The title and the challenges set during the show, suggest they are looking for a chef, however the prize offered and the way in which the contestents were judged suggests they were looking for a cook. All credit to Julie though, a deserving winner and an incredible cook. I look forward to her book coming out and no doubt i’ll end up with a copy.

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