Losing your shit.

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No matter how good your life is, sometimes things are shit and you’re entitled to a good whinge, a good cry and a big god damn piece of cake.

Being a mum is hard. It tests even the most patient of people. And patience is not something that I was given in my DNA. Yesterday took the cake. I yelled at my adorable nearly 2 year old, Sophie, so much that my throat hurt and I’m waiting for Docs to knock on my door any minute as I’m sure the whole neighbourhood heard me screaming time and time again, I’VE HAD ENOUGH, STOP DOING THAT. DO. YOU. WANT. A. SMACK.

After chasing Sophie up the stairs 50 times (at nearly 30 weeks pregnant) and cleaning up the dog biscuits she’d thrown sky high in the air from not only the dogs bowl but also the handfuls she’d emptied from the tub in the pantry I lost my shit. Combined with the DVDs she unpacked from the entertainment unit coupled with the fact she smeared dirty little chubby handprints all over the TV and climbed behind the lounge to flick the lamp on a thousand times and I was at breaking point. Sitting in the pantry balling my eyes out, life farking sucks, breaking point.

Even the 6 pieces of lemon slice I’d consumed didn’t make me feel better. Oh and I dare you to judge me.

And did I mention that for the last couple of days Sophie has decided that her 2 hour day time nap (my 2 hours of regaining some sort of sanity) was not on the agenda. Um, clearly I didn’t get that memo.

You see sometimes life throws us unexpected stresses, none of which I need to go into, but everyone has them. And clearly we all cope differently, some better than others. And yesterday for me was a non coping day. And yes, I’m going to partly blame pregnancy hormones because at only 10 weeks to go I’m getting bigger, more uncomfortable and therefore more easily pissed off.

This morning after making my morning coffee (decaf for those playing along at home) I turned around to find my darling husband had poured extra milk into my cup. You’d think he’d just told me he was having an affair I was so pissed off. So I snapped at him then shoved my cereal into my mouth to shut myself up and daren’t look him in the eye for fear of bursting into tears over a farking cup of coffee.

But then you pull yourself together, get yourself out of the house and think of all the good things. Yes we’re lucky to have a lovely home, a lovely family, with a gorgeous little girl who most of the time is well behaved, and just at a stage where she’s pushing the boundaries.

But when things are shitty it’s ok to have a vent, a big fat cry and consume a shit load of sugar.

Now where’s my piece of cake gone…

This post is dedicated to all the mums who are having a shit day, have yelled at their kids and then felt so guilty for it, and have consumed their body weight in sugar at least 4 times this week. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

  • Zoey @ Good Googs
    July 26, 2012

    Do you want a smack! Hilarious! But seriously the most challenging time I’ve had with Riley was when I was pregnant. The impending unknown of a new baby made her anxious and she was prone to being super controlling and having so many meltdowns. It got so much better after Piper was born!

  • Kristy
    July 26, 2012

    Well said, couldn’t agree with you more!! xx

  • Carrie
    July 26, 2012

    Ha! I love it. Makes me feel better about my shitty days too xxx

  • Mel MacRae-Gross
    July 26, 2012

    OMG, a daily summary of my house hold love! If it’s not one child poking and prodding the other, they’re getting into all my things in the office and pulling them out! And if we venture out of the house horrific, one child is running ahead of me whilst the other is dawdling and then the third one is constantly asking “Mum, can I have this”, “Mum can I have that”! And yes I loose my shit, driving home with them argueing with each other and my self, well crying behind the wheel is not an attractive attribute! But when they give you that wonderful bear hug and whisper in your ear I love you mum, you’re my princess it just melts my heart and calms me down! Can I just add, YOU Ami are an amazing mother! xx

  • Kate
    July 27, 2012

    Aw!!! It’s such a hard age and it must be even harder when ur preggy! Hope today pans out better 4 u! Xxxc

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