Little Buckley

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buckleyI read the story last week of little Buckley the puppy who had his ears & tail cut off by some deranged bastard. (Sorry but there is no other way to describe him). At first I wanted to cry and then I wanted to throw up.

I actually found the story quite confronting and cannot even to begin to contemplate what must go through a person’s head that could do something like that. Thankfully a St Albans man, 32, was arrested on Friday over the incident following a tip-off to Crime Stoppers. He is yet to be charged but is undergoing psychiatric assessment.

So I am happy to say that it appears that little Buckley is doing well, but requires more surgery.

According to ninemsn: The eight-week-old collie-staffordshire terrier cross will spend about 45 minutes in the operating theatre while his severed ears and tail are repaired. “We’ll probably have to remove a little more from the stump of his tail so that the skin can be sealed over the top of it to avoid infection,” Lost Dogs’ Home manager Sue Conroy said.

“We will also trim up the ears and give them more of an even surface.”

The operation, estimated to cost between $800 and $1000, will be paid for by donations that have flooded into the North Melbourne centre since the horrifying attack on July 11.

Buckley will also be de-sexed before the home makes the difficult choice of choosing his new home from hundreds of offers.

“He’ll have stitches and fairly intensive care for the next 10 days to fortnight, and then about another fortnight after that before we adopt him out,” Ms Conroy said.

But gifts delivered to Buckley will be appreciated by abused and neglected animals long after the puppy leaves the home.

“We’re still getting people dropping in blankets, food and presents, so it’s not only Buckley but the other animals in our care that are benefiting from people’s generosity,” Ms Conroy said.

“We’ve also had a very big weekend with animal adoption and that’s continuing with an increase in phone calls.”

So out of this horrible story comes the good news that people are getting out there and adopting animals that need homes. And of course hopefully Buckley will be on the mend very soon and go to a loving home.

So if you’ve been thinking about adopting an animal don’t think anymore just go and do it! Trust me you won’t regret it!

  • Ben Holmes
    July 22, 2009

    It is strange, but the thought of an animal, especially dogs being hurt often makes me more emotional than if a human is hurt. Thats sounds awful doesn’t it. I’m not sure why i feel this way? Perhaps it is because animals appear and in most cases are utterly defensless against human attacks. Even a small human child is able to raise an alarm by screaming, however quite often animal calls go unnoticed or ignored. Or perhaps it is because pets (and in particular dogs) love you unconditionally. In the past i have been hurt emotionally by a number of humans however my two dogs, no matter what mood i’m in or how much i have yelled at them, are always so happy to see me and just want to be near me.

    So after all this rambling, like you Ami, i was almost physically sick when you told me the story the other night. People who do these types of things to animals should be charged as if it was done to a human.

  • Belinda Leskiw
    July 22, 2009

    Ami – I hadn’t heard about this, how horrifying and disgusting!!! Thank goodness the community is pitching in to help and the other unfortunate animals there are benefiting from it too..
    Ben, in regards to your comment about animals being hurt, I feel the same way. To me, it is so much more emotional when an animal is hurt. Does it make me an awful human being? Maybe, but I hold an animal’s life just as high as I hold a human’s.

  • Ami
    July 22, 2009

    I couldn’t agree more with both of you, I do think it’s worse when a animal is hurt, not because I value an animal life over a human’s life or vice versa but it is so much harder for an animal to defend themselves and it’s not like little Buckley can say to the vet, it hurts here and here. And Belinda it definitely doesn’t make you an awful human being.

    All this makes me want to adopt another puppy!

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