Levi’s Spell

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leviIf you watched 60 minutes last night then you are one of the privleged people who were introduced to Levi McCormack and no doubt fell under his adorable spell. Levi is 4 year old boy who is battling not only a heart condition but a potentially fatal lung condition as well. Within seconds Levi had drawn you in. A magical little boy with a fighting spirit that would rival any determined adult battling to live.

I guarantee there wouldn’t have been a dry eye when little Levi announced that he would like a whole heart. “Mummy has a whole heart and Daddy has a whole heart and James (his brother) has a whole heart but I only have half a heart”. Such haunting and grown up words for such a little boy.

Watching this story not only made me teary and feel for this gorgeous little man and his family but it made me think (as these stories often do) about the bigger picture. We as adults spend our days bitching or whinging about something at least once a day and here is this little boy who is so brave that he’s determined not to cry and just wants to come first in a running race with his friends.

Every now and then these stories come in to our lives to remind us to stop wasting time on things and people that just don’t matter. Get on with the things you don’t necessarily want to but have to do and make time for things you do want to do.

Get up half an hour earlier and enjoy more of the day, have that extra piece of chocolate, and the next time you start to whinge about something, think of Levi and the fact that you read this story for a reason.

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