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Well, I’d like to start off the week by saying after last week’s discussions on the topic of the Maryville Markets I never expected it to take off like it has.

Thank you to everyone for their feedback both on the site via comments and privately as well.

I’ve been asked to provide details of how to obtain copies of plans and information etc, which I think is a fantastic idea, as I continue to push and maintain that the only way for people to form a genuine opinion on the matter is to firstly have all the facts and relevant information.

I will continue to make a stand, not just on this development but on all future developments, that the communities involved should be provided with ALL the information. For long enough now I have been one of those people who have listened to the vocal minority throw their hands up on developments yet we never get to hear the other side of the story. I was one of the people totally in support of the Nobby’s Lighthouse Development yet I sat back and only privately complained about the vocal minority getting all the attention.

Now that I have an outlet to have my voice heard and I intend to use it. You can also have your voice heard by leaving comments.

So here are the details that I currently have for the Maryville Markets Development:

The sites original zoning was Industrial, meaning to have develop it into a market, Mr Constantine had to apply for an amendment to the LEP. This is currently in Council.

If the ammendment is approved it will then able Mr Constantine to lodge a formal Development Application. If this does happen the application will be open for public viewing. You can do this by visiting the Newcastle City Council’s office and/or website.

Newcastle City Council: 282 King Street | Newcastle
Phone 02 4974 2000
Website: www.ncc.nsw.gov.au. There is a tap across the top call ‘in council’ which has all the information on meetings, what is in Council and what is up for public exhibition.

I will endeavour to post any information I have and link to any relevant websites and documents that I can find.

Thanks again to everyone and let’s hope our community can work not only with each other, but with developers to voice our genuine concerns and continue to grow the great area in which we live, for the better.

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  • Pat Savill
    August 10, 2009

    Hi Ami
    I think you would have made a good suffragette.

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