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They say comments are a bloggers best friend. Comments get the conversation started and can help the blogger feel connected with their readers. But are comments the be all and end all of blogging?

Sometimes I blog just to get things off my chest. Sometimes I blog in the hope other’s will offer advice. And sometimes I blog to get other people’s opinions. I read many blogs myself – see my list under Community on the right hand side. Sometimes I comment and sometimes I don’t.

If I don’t have a strong opinion on something, I’ll often just comment Great Post. I think it’s nice to acknowledge that you read the person’s post. Often I’m sitting on the lounge reading posts on my phone and find it too frustrating to comment from my phone. Other times I feel a bit apprehensive about commenting for fear of starting an argument, or being disagreed with in a not very nice way.

I have to say that the latter really only applies to big sites like www.mamamia.com.au. I have had one bad experience on there, and since then it was enough to make me only want to participate in things like Best/Worst and other light-hearted posts. Besides Twitter and the good old email, commenting is a great way to have a chat with your ‘online friends’! Usually everyone who comments on my posts, I’ve never met before in real life. But their collective wisdom and thoughts are beyond helpful and give me insights that I don’t necessarily get from non online friends.

As always, (yes I’m asking for comments!) what do you think about commenting? Do you comment all the time on people’s blogs or do you prefer just to read posts and other people’s comments? Do you rely on comments from your blog posts to help you with certain things?

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  • Jane
    February 18, 2010

    I LOVE getting comments on my posts. Without them, I feel as if I’m writing for myself. I like to know that people are reading what I have to say.

    But yes, I also try to avoid commenting on a post if it’s about something I have a really strong opinion on, as I don’t want to risk pissing someone off. I prefer to keep it light! xx

  • Megan @ Writing Out Loud
    February 18, 2010

    Hi Ami!

    I love receiving comments.

    But I don’t always leave them. I try to, but sometimes I just don’t have anything to add to the conversation, so I just leave it to others. Maybe I should start saying that in the comments?? ‘Nothing to add, but great post’?!

  • nomie
    February 18, 2010

    Sometimes I have nothing new to add, so don’t comment, but I like your idea of just saying great post.
    Also, sometimes, like you my phone does not cooperate and I get frustrated… and sometimes after a hectic week I just don’t make enough sense to comment without people thinking huh, what is she on about?
    I don’t mind when people make comments I don’t agree with on my blog… but then I like a goo debate!

  • Sue (Just_Leithal)
    February 18, 2010

    Hi Ami,
    I have left comments sometimes, usually when I really get something out of a blog or if I agree or sympathise with the blogger.

    That said, I don’t comment much and always thought “Great post/blog” wasn’t enough so I don’t say anything a lot of the time, even though I nearly always enjoy the blogs I read. Might have to rethink that now ;)

    Sometimes the comments are more interesting than the blog..for example mamamia- reading the differing opinions and experiences of her vast following is what makes that blog- comments are an integral part of it’s success IMO, whereas other bloggers are just straight out interesting/entertaining/moving in their own right, comments are an aside.

    It’s interesting to read about the expectations of a blogger regarding their own blog.

    Great post! ;)

  • Bern
    February 18, 2010

    Great Blog – hahaha. I love comments on mine, but also leave quite a few on other peoples. When have gotten argumentative or negative comments, I kind of take it to heart a lot, but eventually get over it. xx

  • Thea
    February 18, 2010

    I don’t know what to say…ha! Just kidding!
    It’s funny, I was just reading another blog about comments this morning.
    I, too, love comments, but have also been burned by them.
    I worry if no one comments, start thinking ‘what’s wrong with me?’…it’s my teenage side.
    But I realized I blog about all kinds of stuff, some things resonate, some don’t.
    I comment a fair bit on other blogs, but if nothings immediately comes to mind I usually don’t.
    Maybe we could come up with ‘tags’…”I came, I read, I liked” ;)

  • Belinda
    February 18, 2010

    I feel exactly the same way, about everything from receiving comments to not leaving comments for fear of nasty retaliation to sometimes feeling like typing ‘great post’ just isn’t enough…
    Receiving comments spur me on to write more though, and I get very excited if a blog post get lots of hits and comments!

  • Jodie at Mummy Mayhem
    February 19, 2010

    I LOVE comments. It’s nice to know people are reading, and I love to get opinions. I don’t mind if people have a negative opinion either – because it’s just that – their opinion.

    On most posts I read, I comment. Sometimes I don’t if I don’t have anything to add or if I haven’t got time. It helps to have an easy commenting system. Your system is easy, but I find it frustrating having to login and comment and type word verifications etc. I do it, but I’d rather it was easy ALL the time!


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