Kylie, Kylie, KYLIE!!!

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To say ‘she’s’ still got it is an understatement. And by ‘she’ I am of course talking about none other than the Queen of Pop herself, Kylie Minogue. Last night we made the trip down the freeway to see Kylie’s latest all singing, all dancing, spectacular show offering.

A Kylie fan from waaaaaaaaaay back, when I caught news of her upcoming tour, there was no way I was missing out! I remember at her last concert that 2 friends and I went to, we were sitting up the very VERY back and promised each other that for her next concert we’d camp out to get great tickets if we had to!

Fast forward a few of years later, and all 3 of us, now married with baby girls, and camping out for tickets didn’t sound so appealing!

So anyway this time friends and I had great seats. Not in the ‘splash zone’ (at $400 a pop), but great seats nonetheless!

As usual the crowd errupted as Kylie made her grand entrance. The outifts and more importantly the SHOES were AHMAZING! How she can walk in those heels, let alone dance, I have no idea. In total awe!

I have to admit I didn’t actually know a lot of her new stuff that hadn’t been released as singles, but that didn’t stop us from bopping along! And speaking of bopping along, quite early on a lady in front of us decided she’d like to get up and dance. Ok, fair enough we were at a concert, but the lady beside me didn’t like it and decided to ask her to sit down, cue swearing and finger flipping! Needless to say eventually the lady beside me chilled out and we all got our dancing shoes on and had a boogy!

There were plenty of half naked seriously buffed male dancers. And really would you expect anything less from the gay icon herself?! Talk about plenty of eye candy! There was a new spin on some old faves, a fun mish mash of some old and new songs and a very buffed angel, flying through the air, making for an entertaining night. Oh and Kylie’s version of the Eurythmics ‘Must be talking to angel’, was fantastic!

The final spectacle included an amazing water show, hence the ‘splash zone’. Yep, if were lucky enough to be in the splash zone, you were very very wet! Kylie definitely stepped it up a notch this time, and I think I’d have to say it was probably my favourite concert yet. And I’ve been to a few. Although you could never match the atmosphere at her first tour after her recovery from cancer. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the feeling throughout the crowd as she stepped out on stage back then.

So as great as the new Kylie stuff was, it was the old stuff that really got the crowd going. There really is nothing like Vintage Kylie.


  • Thea
    June 9, 2011

    You lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky THING! Love it!

  • Jodie Ansted
    June 10, 2011

    I went to a Kylie concert waaaay back in the early 90s I think. She’s a great performer.

    Glad you had a ball!

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