Kyle & Jackie O: Media & people power de ja vu.

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kyle_jakieo_suspendedI feel like I’m having de ja vu this morning back to the Matthew Johns scandal.

If you haven’t heard, yesterday Austereo, owners of 2Day FM released a statement stating that the Kyle and Jackie O show had been taken off air. The statement read:

“Kyle Sandilands’ management has advised Austereo that he is unable to perform his duties on-air at this time. Following a great deal of consideration and having consulted Jackie O and all stakeholders, Austereo has formed the view that it is in the interest of all parties for The Kyle And Jackie O Show to go into recess until we have completed an across-the-networks review of the principals and protocols of our interaction with our audience.

“This review commenced last Wednesday, July 29, 2009.”

So, once again it would seem that ‘people power’ has won and the media hype surrounding last week’s scandal has done what it no doubt set out to do and the show has ‘gone into recess’.

I still stand by my initial opinion on the ‘scandal’ and now believe even more so that Kyle and Jackie O have been made scapegoats. I am not a fan of Kyle Sandilands, nor can I think back to a time when I have actually agreed with anything he has said or done, but I truly believe that they didn’t know what this girl had gone through. Having said that I also think that the on air lie detector test of a 14 year old girl should never have happened in the first place.

Clearly people who are in the public eye and part of the media continue not to learn their lesson about what is appropriate and when they should realise that a ‘stunt’ just shouldn’t happen at all. That is all that Kyle and Jackie O are guilty of.

I am still yet to hear the media go after the mother of the girl, who clearly has her own issues, but then again she isn’t a national radio and TV personality so I guess she won’t sell paper’s or increase TV ratings. In a few weeks this story will be just another forgotten tale in the long line of people power outcry’s. I just hope the media reports what actually does happen to the mother and her daughter so we get all sides of the story. Let’s hope there’s a happy ending for all involved.

In case you missed the ‘scandal’, you can read it here:

The Kyle Jackie O radio segement that went horribly wrong.

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