Kosmea Eighth Natural Wonder Facial Serum Review

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For those that don’t know, in a previous life I was a Beauty Therapist. I’ve always loved all things beauty and especially skin care products. I’ve tried more than a few skin care products over the years, and of course some better than others.

When it comes to beauty and skin care in general I’m definitely as no fuss as you can get. Cleanse in the shower, a bit of moisturiser, a dusting of powder, mascara if I’m lucky and some lipgloss. So when I was asked to test out the Kosmea Eighth Natural Wonder Facial Serum the first thing I checked was how fuss free it would it be.

I once had a 2 step cleanser that required one product to be put on before you get in the shower left on for a couple of minutes then the second product put on top and then washed off. Needless to say 99% of the time I forgot the first step only used the second, and then gave up altogether on that product.

Kosmea Eighth Natural Wonder Facial Serum

So as soon as I learned that you just simply place the Kosmea Serum under your normal moisturiser, I figured I could cope with that!

With all new beauty products I first test them on my hand a day before using them on my face. Might sound a little precious, but I’ve had my already slightly pink cheeks blow up and my skin feeling like it was on fire before with bad beauty products. Yes, I’m a sensitive soul. Well my skin is anyway.

So after my hand didn’t erupt in a frenzy I started using the Kosmea Serum after cleansing and under my moisturiser. It went perfectly with the moisturiser I’m already using which is a natural based product called BOD. Both products contain rose hip oil which I absolutely love. And it was important to me not to upset the balance of my skin care products as I know that mixing different brands can be risky and different active ingredients in skin care products don’t always get along.

“Kosmea Eight Natural Wonder facial serum contains the wonder ingredient, age defying, anti-oxidant hibiscus extract proven for its ability to “freeze” fine lines and wrinkles, giving the skin an instant youthfullness and vitality.” Thankfully I didn’t have a mountain of wrinkles (wouldn’t be good at age 28!) but I did notice a change in the brightness of my skin, especially around my eyes.

The texture is lovely and thankfully not heavy at all. I can’t stand heavy sticky cream on my face. The smell is lovely without being overpowering, and it soaks into your skin quickly, therefore you don’t have to hang around waiting to put your moisturiser or make up on top.

And then of course there’s the price. I’d hate to think what I’ve spent over the years on all things beauty! I refuse to pay an enormous amount for one product, so at $52.49 only on OKMe, for a serum I think it’s quite reasonable.

There are far more expensive products that deliver little or no results at all.

Thank you to OKMe for the offer to try Kosmea Serum, I’ll definitely continue to use the product in the future.

You can purchase the Kosmea Serum here: http://www.okme.com.au/kosmea-eighth-natural-wonder-facial-serum-50ml.html

Disclosure: I received the Kosmea Eighth Natural Wonder Facial Serum to trial from OKMe. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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