Just a bit of a soul cleansing whinge.

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We all love a good whinge. It’s irritating to the one’s we’re whinging to, but yet somehow soul cleansing at the same time.

At the ripe old age of 26 I think I’m having somewhat of a quarter life crisis. I’m turning into a cranky old woman (not everyday!) and there’s some things that frankly, I’m just over.

hoonsHoons. You’re not cool when you do donuts outside our house at 3am in the morning. You’re not cool driving up and down the street as fast as you can, and you know what you’re not freaking cool for having a ‘cool car’.

So drive like a normal person, QUIETLY and have some god dam respect.

dont-listenPeople that DON’T LISTEN. Yes this is an oldie but a goodie. And I’d also like to elaborate on this and include people that don’t read what you write to them and then ask stoopid questions. It really is just a big fat waste of time. And something that could be easily avoided if people just well a) listened and b) took the time to read what you wrote to them. Sounds simply doesn’t it. Clearly only in theory! And I’d like to dedicate this point to Cate Bolt who is clearly having a horrible time with people who just won’t bloody listen. And frankly it just sucks. Please read about it HERE.

blow-dryingHaving to DO my hair everyday. I really go through phases with this, and I’ve talked about before how I really should get up a bit earlier to straighten my hair. After I wrote about that actually, I got an email from my Big Bro who informed me that he wasn’t happy that I wasn’t embracing my curls!

Now that the summer weather has set in (well hopefully anyway) it’s just too bloody hot to stand under a blow-dryer and then stand there with the straightener every morning. And let’s face it, by then time you’ve dried your hair, the underneath is all wet again from sweating your butt off trying to dry it. Great visual ha! Anyway, so let’s just say apart from super special occasions when I fell the need to straighten my hair, in which case the air-con will be CRANKING, I’ll be embracing the curls!

shoes-that-hurtShoes that hurt my feet. I love shoes. I really do. I love pink shoes, purple shoes, green one’s, red one’s, blue one’s, sparkly one’s and have about 58 pairs at home all sitting there begging me to wear them. But ya know what, I’m totally over having sore feet! I have those crap kinda feet where it doesn’t take much for them to get sore, and if it’s hot they get a bit puffy. Nice ha!

So for the most part now I’ll be wearing my trusty flats to work and the pluggers on the weekends. Oh how Melissa Hoyer would shudder! (You can read about that on Mummy Mayhem HERE). Or if anyone knows of a surgery I can have, that would be fantastic!

waking-up-tiredWaking up tired. Seriously god help me when we have a baby. I was born tired. I’m always tired. Didn’t help having glandular fever as a teenager. I swear I was a puppy or a kitten in a past life and just slept all day!

Anyway, I hate the feeling of waking up tired. Yes you could say I’m over it! I have a feeling maybe some exercise might help, but if you knew me, you’d know what a long shot that’s gunna be! Having said that though some afternoon walks with the pooch can’t hurt and maybe that 2 litre of water a day that everyone bangs on about!

Well I don’t know about you, but my soul has certainly been slightly cleansed from that little whinge! Now it’s your turn! What’s bugging you this week? Whinge away!

  • Anne
    November 11, 2009

    Glad to hear you are embracing your curls, which people pay a fortune to have. Not only is it good to have comfortable feet, but high heels can throw out your back and pelvis as well so you are helping your whole body.

  • Bells
    November 11, 2009

    Oh yes, recognise a lot of this list. The hair thing especially. I’m embracing the curl right now.

    Basically my whinge is that everything I want to do is too hard. I can’t be more specific than that. it’s just a feeling.

  • Jodie Ansted
    November 11, 2009

    Thx for the link Ami! I’m still getting over what Melissa said about thongs. Every time I see thongs in the shops I think of her…and not in a particularly pleasant kind of way….

    Good thing to get stuff off your chest. And what better place?

  • Ami
    November 12, 2009

    Bells, I hope that feeling gets better. xx

    Jodie, my boss talks to MH alot on Twitter, unfortunately he won’t pass on my displeasure at the thongs comments!!!

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