It’s all about the hair!

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jen_anistonEver since I can remember, well actually about 11 years old to be exact, I’ve been slightly obsessed with my hair. Not in a totally obsessive compulsive way, but if someone told me I had to give up my trip to the hairdresser every 6 weeks, I’d cry. Actually no, I’d probably wail. And then after that, I’d cry some more. Ok, so maybe a little obsessive after all.

I think it would be fair to say that most women have one thing that they spoil themselves with. Well some would have more, but for the middle class working gal, we’ve got one! Obviously mine is going to the hairdressers.

So why did this obsession develop so young? Sorry mum, but I gotta blame you! You see, my mum too has a similar obsession or should we call it ‘love’ of going to the hairdresser, and when she let me dye my hair when I was 11 (don’t freak out it was a $3 Napro rinse) it was all over for me then!

When I started my own business last year, I gave up getting my nails done, buying expensive make-up, and going shopping all the time, but there was no way in hell that I was giving up my half head of 3 toned blonde, and caramel foils, weaved to perfection, a head massage, trim, blowdry and straighten. No sir ree.

I have however often wondered what colour my hair ACTUALLY is and thought about going natural. Then I see sense.

Anyway, so what is the ONE thing you could never give up. Pampering wise I mean. Obviously I would never give up my puppy, oh or my future husband. You can see my priorities can’t you!!! Maybe that’s a whole nother Puff Piece!

P.S This post is dedicated to Kylie! Love ya work!

  • Ben
    August 19, 2009

    Not an easy question for my species to answer as we are not usually the type that get pampered. Hhhmmmm. When i think about it the one thing that i could never give up is really good service when i go out to eat. Not what most people would consider pampering but it is for me :)

  • Kylie
    August 29, 2009

    Well i must say,on behalf of all the passionate,hard working hairdressers out there….THANKYOU!!!! It’s clients like you,and many others that share your obsession and love of gorgeous(natural) hair colour,devine scalp massage’s,hot haircuts,bouncing blow dry’s,shining straight(ghd’d)hair,fashion mags,good coffee and lets not forget the ability to VENT,DOWNLOAD,without needing a solution,makes it all sooo worthwhile.your very welcome! k xx

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