Is the fairytale over?

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susanboyle2Sadly it has just been reported that Susan Boyle has collapsed and has been rushed to hospital following a breakdown. It may come as no surprise to some people who have watched the quiet 48 year old woman rise to fame on what can only be described as a bumpy journey. On the other hand I myself was actually a little shocked and saddened. Yes a part of me was not shocked after she has been thrust into the spotlight but the other part of me can’t believe how this has happened and the people involved in the show Britains Got Talent didn’t take extra care with Susan.

Just like millions of people around the world, I thought she was a sue in to win the competition, but last night that dream didn’t come true for Susan as she was beaten by a young dance group. Was Susan wrong to expect to win? If I was in her position I too would have had my hopes up pretty high thinking I would be crowned the winner. Does this make the media and public somewhat responsible for what has happened today? Absolutely. And more so the media than the public.

susanboyleI praise her courage that she has shown during this time and I think we can all only hope that she can pick herself up and use this experience to further her dreams.

Can you think of other instances where the media has gone too far?

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  • Ben
    June 2, 2009

    Unfortunately being part of a show like this, everybody has to be ready to loose. Think about it, you have an entire country competing, in every form of entertainment, how can anybody, no matter how good you are expec to win. Dont get me wrong, i think Susan is incredibly talented and has done very well, but everyone will have to admit that the winners were something special and just as deserving as the most down and out competitor. Take it from someone that has been involved in competition his entire, and in some instances at the highest level. In competition there is always someone or a team that does not win gold. I once got upset when i was sprinting at nationals and didn’t win. I had it in my head that i trained hard enough that i deserved to win. My coach pulled me aside. And told me that everybody here deserved to win, but there could only be one winner. And that i had also lost sight of the big picture, i was running at nationals. That was a massive achievment in it self. The point i am getting too is that maybe this time it isn’t the media’s fault. Perhaps Susan had just lost sight of the massive achievments she had made, while focussing on what was a relatively minor one in comparison. Thats what i think anyway.

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