Imagine if…

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think_puff_3Imagine if we wrote everything we thought about writing and always hit the send button before actually thinking about it instead of hitting delete…

Everyday we spend countless hours on email, Facebook, Twitter etc and I guarantee that everything we write gets changed, deleted or you have second thoughts about writing some things at all.

Now while this isn’t always a bad thing (you don’t want to lose your job or upset someone important!) wouldn’t it be interesting to actually write everything we thought about.

Many of us (the polite one’s I mean) go through life not wanting to ruffle any feathers, step on anyone’s toes and always like to keep the peace. But I bet every now and then you would just love to go, you know what stuff this, this is what I think, so there, just deal with it. Maybe not always quite as blunt as that, but it sure would feel good wouldn’t it!

I wonder if we all did a little bit more of this, in a nice way of course, then when we did it, it wouldn’t be a shock to anyone and I guarantee we would all feel a lot better for having said something.

So why not give it a go!

Oh and I take no responsibility for your actions!!

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