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This morning I began the mammoth task of tidying up our study. While I am organised person, (well I like to think so anyway), during the renovations and Sophie and I having to move out for 6 weeks, the paperwork, bills etc just got piled up in the study. The bills did get paid, but nothing got filed, hence the mess.

So when I finally got through all the sorting and filing this morning, I sat down to pay the latest round of bills. I had noticed something strange between our 2 water billsĀ  (we own 2 properties in the same suburb) and had mentioned it to hubby and he asked me to call and suss it out. So that I just did.

The lady couldn’t give me any information because I wasn’t an authorised person on the account. You see all our bills are in hubby’s name. I moved in with him and of course everything was already set up, I never thought to have myself added to any of the accounts. Until today.

It got me thinking… What if something happened to hubby, God forbid, touch wood, and all that jazz, I NEVER want to be in that situation. But what if something did and suddenly I technically didn’t have access to any of this information. (Even though I’m the one who pays the bills!) I’m sure there are ways to handle situations like that, but knowing the shite we have been through with companies just for the simpliest things, like a new gas connection, (yes AGL I’m talking to you), I can only imagine what a shit fight it would be should something happen to hubby.

It is my job as Home Manager, Mum Extraordinaire, Domestic Goddess, whatever you’d like to call us super hero mum’s, to keep bills, household stuff in check. But to the outside world I have no technical right to any of these accounts or their information. And quite frankly for a few seconds it scared the beejesus outta me.

Of course this is all very easily fixed and hubby just has to call and have me added on as an authorised person. And this is exactly what we are going to do. Poor hubby doesn’t even know what nagging is about to hit him.

It made me realise that we need to get our butts into gear. It’s not just hubby and I anymore, it’s Sophie as well. After Sophie was born we finally got our life insurance sorted. After Sophie was born, hubby started wearing a life jacket when paddling out on the harbour. After Sophie was born we started writing our Wills. Unfortunately though they still aren’t finished.

It’s amazing what having a child can make you do in terms of organising your life and preparing for the future, and unfortunately preparing for the worst, even though it may and probably, hopefully will never happen.

Have you ever had an oh shit gotta get that sorted life moment?

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