If you don’t laugh you’ll cry

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Yesterday we had a bit of a shocker of an afternoon. It then turned into a shocker of a night, and my poor little baby girl screamed her lungs out like never before.

I sent this email to my hubby yesterday afternoon and because he got such a laugh out of it he suggested I share it with all of you!

Absolutely farking disaster of an afternoon. She was still asleep at 1.45 so I thought I’d try put her in the pouch thingy. Couldn’t get her in, by this time she’d woken up, so I fed her. During the feed Jack (the dog) cried and barked the whole time. During the nappy change she wee’d everywhere, then screamed her guts out when I changed her clothes. Tried again to get her into the pouch, farking impossible to do on your own, the little bugger wouldn’t stretch her legs out. Jack’s going nuts, so decided to go with the pram. He nearly pulled me and the pram over twice. I yelled at Jack and Sophie started crying. Forgot poo bags, so was a bad person and left his shit on the grass. He tried to sniff every bloody thing we walked past. Just when he was getting the hang of it, something spooked him think it was a truck, and he couldn’t walk quick enough. I could barely keep up. He nearly broke my farking hand, and that pram is impossible to push with one hand. Then I got bitten by a farking mosiquito. On the upside she’s alseep. Well for now anyway, probably just jinxed myself. So hope you’re having a lovely afternoon. Can you please add LLB cordial to the shopping list, and seriously don’t forget my white chocolate. And while I’m at it, maybe add some icecream to the list too. Oh and some peanut butter and salada things or vita weats. Love your frazzled, but surprisingly calm wife. Oh and your daughter just woke up. Farking great.

  • Jodie at Mummy Mayhem
    November 17, 2010

    LOL! Oh, Ami. All mums have (many) days like this, I’m afraid. The good thing is: you survived it and it has now passed. But they just feel so frustrating at the time! Prob one of those ‘growth spurts’ that everyone talks about. (I could never tell if it was that or some other unexplained reason. ;) )

    You’re doing a great job, and keeping your sense of humour. Good on you.


  • Jane
    November 17, 2010

    Haha! Loving your sense of humour. Sounds like Jack and Sophie are proving to be quite the cheeky, troublemaking duo. I hope hubby brought you LOTS of white choc and ice cream – you deserve it! xxx

  • Bern
    November 25, 2010

    You have a great sense of humour and just read your newest post also.

    I reckon, will all of my kids, I can safely say I just wrote the first 3 months off. Between sleep deprivation, mastitis and vaginal stitches, I just leave it for what it was.

    You are doing an outstanding job xxx

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