If Jackie O is fat, then I’m obese.

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Just by chance I was in my car last Thursday night (I barely use my car coz I walk to work!) and was listening to the Kyle and Jackie O Hour of Power and unfortunately got to here the whole Kyle calling Jackie fat incident. Shocked? I was. Not only is Jackie O far from being fat, but look at the person who was calling her fat!

The gorgeous Jackie O

The gorgeous Jackie O

Kyle justified his actions by saying it was an intervention from a friend. Friend? If that’s his definition of a friend, then I’d be surprised if he had any at all. That’s certainly not how I would expect my friends to act, and if they did, they wouldn’t be a friend for much longer.

So after calling her fat and making her cry, yes he made Jackie cry, and just when you think Kyle couldn’t become any more of a disgusting pig, he does this. Kyle accused Jackie of wearing ‘fat clothes’ and letting herself go. For regular listeners of the show, you would know that Jackie is in fact trying to fall pregnant. Who cares if she has put on some weight, gosh haven’t we all!

AND just when you think it couldn’t get any worse Kyle challenged Jackie to lose 4 kilos in a week and he would  donate $5,000 to Jackie’s favourite charity, Animals Australia. If she can’t do it, he’ll give the money to a pig farm. Yep, like I said he’s a disgusting pig. And not mention the health issues of dieting while trying to fall pregnant.

So my point apart from Kyle being a disgusting pig, is that whether or not Jackie has put on weight is irrelevant. To put someone down like that in public is not being a friend at all it’s nasty and hurtful. No wonder the media gets blamed for girls having eating disorders and putting pressure on the ordinary woman to have to look like a supermodel. As someone in the media does Kyle have a certain duty of care to watch what he says? I know you’re laughing! When has Kyle ever watched what he says.

Bottom line is Jackie O is far from being and if she is then God help us all. Oh and Kyle is a disgusting pig. I think we’ve got that established.

If you want to watch the clip of Kyle making Jackie cry CLICK HERE.

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