I stand for mercy

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I’ve been thinking about writing this post for days, weeks, now. I’ve been finding it difficult to put my thoughts together. And not just because I’m a sleep deprived mum, but because it is such a complex subject full of emotions.

I do not, in any way support the impending executions of Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan. I also do not in any way support drug supply, smuggling, selling or use.

And that is why this topic is causing such heated debates.

10 years ago I was 21, and barely watched the news. I remember some rumblings about the Bali 9, and maybe took a small amount of notice after it was mentioned that one of them was from Newcastle.

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Image Source

10 years on and the situation these 2 men now find themselves in has more then caught my attention.

I don’t doubt that the drugs they were involved in would have caused havoc and destruction to thousands of lives once they hit the streets.

I’m not arguing that they didn’t commit an awful crime 10 years ago, but do they deserve to die?

Are you the person you were 10 years ago?

These black and white opinions of they knew the consequences of what they were doing, they knew the Indonesian laws, etc etc, quite frankly shit me to tears.

There is not one person on this planet who hasn’t made a mistake. Yes, some are far more serious than others, I get that. But these men have proven that they are not only sorry for their mistakes, but have shown that rehabilitation is possible.

My heart breaks for the families involved. I cannot imagine the helpless desperation they are all feeling.

I guess now it’s down to praying for a miracle.


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