I scream, you scream, just give the kid some icecream!

screaming-childSo last week my other half, his Dad and I went to the pub for dinner. It was a Thursday, and the pub wasn’t very busy. There was only us and probably another 3 or 4 tables. Lovely I thought, we’ll have a nice quiet dinner and then head home for an early night.

There was a couple a few tables over with a baby in a high chair. I first noticed the baby because I thought he was cute! BUT, then unfortunately we noticed the baby because he was making such a bloody racket! The parents at first mostly ignored him and then just kept putting toys and food on his high chair. My other half was making some very noticeable disapproving noises and then the father decided to take the baby outside for a bit. Good decision.

They then came back in, kid was still crying and the mother thought it was ok to stay at the table. Thankfully the father didn’t agree and finally they left.

Now, if you talk about this topic with my delightful other half he will tell you he HATES screaming/noisy children in a cafe or restaurant or actually any public place. It’s not that he dislikes children he just doesn’t like being disturbed by them especially when they’re not his children or part of our family! He is always the guy that shoots the parents a filthy look to make his disgust known!

I, on the other hand prefer to suffer in silence. It’s probably hard enough for the parents and lord knows children can be very unpredictable. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with parents staying put and letting their children carry on like porkchops, but it would have to get pretty bad for me to make known how annoyed I was!

So what do you think? Should people be tolerant of misbehaving, noisy children in a public place, like a restaurant, or do we all have the right to enjoy our meal out and make known our displeasure at someone else’s little darling kicking up a fuss?!

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  • Ben
    July 27, 2009

    Unfortunately i have to agree with the other half on this. And like him i have all the time in the world for kids and cant wait to be a dad. But, making sacrifices is part of being a parent. Its the decision you make when you decide to have kids.

    The people that you mentioned did the right thing i think by taking the baby outside and then leaving when it didn’t work. But it should never get to the stage where it is interupting somebody elses night out. Thats my view anyway. :)

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