I JUST had a baby…

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Not me, but close enough.

Ok, well I didn’t JUST have a baby, but I did have one about 6 months ago. And during those 6 months I’ve managed to drop about 12 kilos just by giving birth, and another 4 kilos just from breastfeeding, leaving just 1 kilo left to lose to get back to my ‘pre-baby weight’. Then my milk supply started dwindling, but my food consumption stayed the same and I may have put on a couple of kilos.

At Christmas, when Sophie was all of about 10 weeks old, my Nanna (who by the way is all but blind), said to me, Gee you look like you’ve put on some weight. Um yes Nanna that would be because I’ve just had a baby. ‘So’, she replied. So, I’m pretty sure that at 10 weeks old I’m more than entitled to be carrying some extra curves.

But now a few months later, how long can I keep saying (mainly to myself) I’ve just had a baby. No need to hurry back into the old pair of jeans, clearly it’s much easier to just go and buy bigger clothes.

In the old days, as in pre Sophie I would have worried about my extra little tummy. Not enough to hit the gym, but worried nonetheless. But now while it bothers me a little that I have a muffin top in my old pair of jeans, I figured this is just me now. I’m a mum, who has never liked exercise anyway. I walk everyday with Sophie in the pram, and Jack the dog trotting alongside. I mean it’s no biggest loser workout, but it’s some fresh air and a stroll nonetheless.

I could walk more, I could eat less, I could drink more water, I could eat more fruit and less cupcakes and brownies, but that just wouldn’t be any fun now would it?…

Did you lose all your ‘baby weight’? Did it bother you, or were you happy to accept the new you?

  • Jane
    April 4, 2011

    Obviously, I can’t comment from my own experience, but the most important thing is that you’re happy and healthy. If you, Sophie and Jack are getting out and walking every day + you’re eating the right stuff most of the time, who caaaaaares if you enjoy a brownie or three?!

    I read an article in yesterday’s paper about how young mums are gaining more weight than any other age group, mainly because they’re putting their kids before themselves, not treating their bodies in the right way etc etc. But if you’re looking after yourself, then a bit of extra baby weight isn’t the end of the world. After all, your body has just gone through the biggest change EVER. It’d be unreasonable not to expect it to change.

    PS I still think you’re a smokin’ hot mamma xxx

  • Little Miss Moi
    April 4, 2011

    Yes I lost all my baby weight, but I was 10kg overweight to start with.

    Being a mum is hard enough – if you have the headspace and time and dedication to getting fit, then do it! I didn’t. I was really stressed out for the entire first year. I refused to let my weight become another thing to stress about. Babies REALLY need you for that first year, and as a first time mum, you’ll probably need the baby for the first year – to get you settled and comfy in the role.

    I am pregnant with number 2 now, and now I have the right expectations post birth, I am thinking I will defo dedicate time to getting fit. Because I know I’ll need the break and I won’t be stressing every minute I’m away frmo the baby (thank you to daycare, which has made me more than comfortable with people other than me and hubby looking after my child. It’s a hurdle that everyone gets over in their own time, and I’m glad I did).

  • Chantelle {fat mum slim}
    April 4, 2011

    Nan! That’s not nice. (I have one of those nans too).

    Did I lose all the baby weight? Nope. I didn’t. I’ve always been fat though, but it still bothers me… and I’m working on it. x

  • Shelley
    April 4, 2011

    I did lose all the baby weight, over a good 12 months though. But here’s the thing. My pants still don’t fit from before I was pregnant because my body shape has changed. I think that is pretty common. So I try not to obsess on the numbers and try to just focus on being as fit and healthy as I can. I want to be a good role model to Miss A, and I don’t want her to think ‘dieting’ is normal, but rather eating good food and being active is. Having struggled with emotional comfort eating for a long time, I would hate to ever see her go through that when she’s older. x

  • cass
    April 4, 2011

    I agree with Shelly, your post baby body will never quite be the same and its a waste of time wishing it were, instead concentrate on being happy and healthy and enjoying what life now offers as a mum. someone once said ‘if it takes nine months to put on, then you have to give yourself at least nine months to take it off’. i lost it easy after hunter as i went back to work and didn’t have time for eating (or anything else). 2nd time round it was really hard and i still didn’t lose what i wanted to before falling again (and that was over 4yrs), but i had a sick child and i gave to everyone else and forgot me. this time round i am determined to not worry about the figures but worry about taking really good care of myself with exercise and a nutrious well balanced diet. I will however never give up sharing a brownie with a friend over coffe mand catch up because life is to short.

  • Thea
    April 5, 2011

    I lost all of it really quickly with no.1, but as soon as I stopped breastfeeding a little bit crept on. I had a miscarriage between my two and didn’t lose the weight I put on having to feed the morning sickness. Still carrying extra and my baby is now 3 1/2….*sigh*

  • Nicole
    April 5, 2011

    I also “just” had a baby, (7 months ago) and the other day I literally jumped into my old jeans, they did up, but they weren’t overly comfortable, low riders just aren’t, so today I have my maternity pants back on. I am definitely not a bigger size though, just different shaped, so I can’t buy bigger clothes or they will fall off, but my old clothes are still not comfy yet.

  • kristy
    April 5, 2011

    My beautiful little leila is just 3 months. like you, the walk each morning (and usually afternoon) gives me some sanity (hip hip horray we are organised to get out of the house and the baby has a decent sleep which she won’t do at home. it takes 9 months to have a baby so should take at least that time to go back to the way it was…. !!

  • Lea
    April 10, 2011

    Don’t worry ami u look great. After having my bub now 11 months I have accepted my body shape will change, so I did what was best and chucked out all my skinny jeans which I know will never fit. Enjoy your body and your new curves cause life will be miserable if u worry all the time.

  • Kirsty De Roach
    April 19, 2011

    i never really realise how crap I feel about my weight until I read something like this and I actually get quite teary. My weight was never an issue for me (I thought it was but in hindsight it wasn’t) until I was in my early 30’s (i just turned 37) Without going into great detail I am about 30 kilos overweight but it happened very gradually and each time i would stay at my new ‘fattest ever’ weight for sometime before the next increment. In saying that however I have always had very low pregnancy gains ( 9 and 11 kilos) and lost the weight straight after. My problem is I cannot blame pregnancy at all only myself.

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