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If I was going to have another baby, I’d have a girl, and her name would be Frankie. Given that a fourth child is NEVER happening for us, I’ve bought a little Frankie into my life another way.

I’m always complaining of sore feet. I’m on them all day. Washing up. Making little people food. Standing up eating at the bench. Hanging out washing. And then there’s the school pick up. Our new routine. It’s a big school. K-12. That’s a lot of cars picking up lots of kids. Which means to get a park near the school you need to arrive ridiculously early!

And so the walk to the school, 5 days a week, has had my little feet aching more than usual. I know, cry me a river. But when you spend all your time in stupidly flat thongs, I’ve really got no one to blame but myself.

If only I got to put my feet up all the time!!

If only I got to put my feet up all the time!!

Enter Frankie into my life. Frankie4 Footwear that is. OMG. I’ve been eyeing these shoes off for months and months, reading others reviews and raving about them. And now I know why. Goodness, gracious me, are these Frankie’s comfortable!

I was originally going to get some sandals but the local podiatrist that stocks the brand only had shoes, I can’t go to another place because currently he is the only podiatrist near me now. And apparently comfy lace up shoes can be worn with shorts these days! Styling You and BabyMac say so, so it must be ok!

And so I’m now the proud owner of a pair of ELLiE’s!

I’m still contemplating a pair of sandals, if only I could choose which ones!!!!!

Honestly though, if you’re a busy mum, or just on your feet all the time and would rather stay in your slippers all day… Well these shoes are for you!!

For all the info and technical stuff behind the shoes you can check out their website HERE.

This is NOT a sponsored post, more a community service announcement.

You’re welcome. xx

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