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Don’t we all!writer

My dream is to write. That is the reason I started this website. I love telling a story, sharing random things with people through words or simply just having a vent and getting something off my chest via this website!

The other part of my dream is to be published. I really hope people enjoy reading short puff pieces on what’s in the news and what’s in my head, the 2 often leading to completely different stories!

I recently pitched my idea to a local publication. The initial reaction was they didn’t have a budget for freelances. Budget?! I’m certainly not looking to make a quick buck out of this, but rather get some exposure and tick a dream off the list.

It lead me to think about a common problem among young people trying to get ahead which I often used to think about when I first joined the workforce. Many people ask for minimum 2 years experience. My question always was, well how am I supposed to get 2 years experience if no one will give me a chance?! I always felt very passionate about this and will always be very grateful to those who first gave me a start, firstly in the beauty industry (past life job!) and secondly into the marketing and communications industry straight out of Uni.

So it seems that I may be facing this challenge again or am I? (Admittedly I’ve only just started on trying to achieve my dream! ) I’m no Mia Freedman with years of magazine experience under my belt and thousands of people reading my blog each day, but someone had to give her an initial chance didn’t they and I’m sure she didn’t get where she is by giving up!! So that brings me back to why I started this website.

By continuing to ponder, waffle and vent I’m in a way creating my own experience and will hopefully gain feedback from you, the person who reads this. So if you liked a story or didn’t like a story leave a comment and give your opinion because that’s what the site is all about!

These days you need to create your own opportunities, your own experience. And by doing that, you never know what’s just around the corner.

  • Ben
    May 26, 2009

    Your final paragraph could not be more true. You need to create your own oportunities. Now this may require bending the truth a little. Everybody, has the problem with not having the experience their dream job requires. The sad thing is that these people as you are suggesting are so the right people for the job as they are passionate about it. This is where a little creativity comes into play. Here is an example. “I was working as a duty manager in a London hostel a number of years ago, and took a brief holiday in the Greek Island on a guided tour. I instantly fell in love with the place and the tour lifestyle. I was lucky enough to strike up a friendship with my tour guide who disclosed to me that he was quiting after this tour to do some more travelling. with that in mind on my return to London (which also happened to be the location of the tour companies offices) i organised myself an interview with the manger of the tour company in the hope of snagging the tour job before anybody else new about it. This is where the creativity comes in. I had had no guiding experience what so ever, i didn’t speak a word of greek and had absolutely no idea how to organise a tour. So whilst waiting for my interview, i pulled out my lonely planet guide to greece and memorised all of the greek phrases out of the back. It should be noted that i had been at the pub an hour earlier for a little “dutch courage.” I walked into that interview strangely confident, lied through my teeth about my previous experience and rattled a couple of greek phrases. At this stage i realised that themanger of the company not only didn’t speak a word of greek, but i dont think he had even been to the islands. With this in mind a strung together a number of greek phrases and words that i had memorised moments earlier that made no sense what so ever. I also MADE UP greek myths and gods and told him the stories. Needless to say he was shocked at my extensive knowledge of the islands and i was hired on the spot. A week later i was tanning myself on the greek islands, swimming in the most incredible water you have ever seen and drinking with women so beautiful they make Elle Macpherson look like trailer trash.”
    Take the plunge, throw yourself in the deep end. Whats the worst that could happen? You dont get the job? It doesn’t work out? Well at least you wont be left wondering.

  • Ami
    May 26, 2009

    Thanks Ben, great story! That’s exactly sometimes what is required, a little bit of a fib, or what I like to call creative thinking! Best go put my thinking cap on then!

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