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polygamyPolygamy: 2 words, no thanks. But let’s discuss it anyway, because not only is the topic itself kind of fascinating, but so are the reason’s why some people think it should be legalised.

Let’s start at the beginning. The definition of polygamy according to: www.thefreedictionary.com is: “the practice of having more than one wife or husband at the same time [Greek polus many + gamos marriage]”

In some cultures polygamy is the norm. In Australia it is not the norm nor is it legal. So why has the subject of legalising it in Australia arisen? Well as I mentioned earlier the reason’s some people think it should be legalised is fascinating. And laughable. And not in a funny haha way but in a ‘oh my, please tell me you’re kidding’ way.

You ready. Here we go.

It was discussed on Sunrise that Australia should legalise Polygamy “in order to reduce the number of affairs and men who visit prostitutes – because they do it anyway”.

Hmmmm yes right, ok. That’s a fantastic reason. NOT. Maybe I’m too tightly wrapped up in my normal Aussie marriage bubble, but can you imagine friends turning up to a BBQ and Bob saying, hi this is my wife Jenny, and this is my other wife Shirley? Uncomfortable much?

But apparently polygamy is an experience that allows women to grow. Pfft. Well according to this SMH article anyway, written by Keysar Trad:

“Yes, polygyny may lead to jealousy. We are all human. But in a caring and sharing world where we become euphoric when we give to those in need, sponsor orphans and provide foster care, the ultimate in giving is for a woman to give a fraction of her husband’s time and affection to another woman who is willing to share with her. It is a spiritually rewarding experience that allows women to grow while the husband toils to provide for more than one partner.

In most cases, the husband ends up providing separate accommodation. The women can agree to share dwellings – it’s entirely up to them. Many men in Western society complain about their mother-in-law or a “nagging” wife. If his wife and in-laws were difficult, would he seek more of the same? The willingness of a man to take on another wife is in fact a form of praise to his first wife”.

And in response:

From the Essential Baby Site: “I can think of certain theoretical advantages of having another wife in the relationship. Another potential income, another person to share childcare with, and the housework reduced by 1/3. But to do it for the purposes of spiritual growth, or to be ‘ultimately giving’? Ummmm…… Nope.”

And then some sense from, would you believe it, a politician. From the Liberal Party website:

Senator the Hon George Brandis SC, Shadow Attorney-General.

The Shadow Attorney-General, Senator George Brandis this morning spoke on ABC radio about the issue of polygamy in Australia.

”I think that the idea of polygamy is something that is so remote from Australian culture that it’s not something that any of the mainstream political parties are going to countenance,” Senator Brandis told ABC radio’s Madonna King program.

”That’s not to be culturally insensitive to people who may come from a cultural and faith background where, in some parts of the world, that practice is observed. That’s simply not a custom or practice which would, in my view, ever be acceptable in Australia.”

Honestly, a spiritually rewarding experience. Give me a break! And why are we even having this conversation about polygamy, when same-sex marriage isn’t acknowledge or legal in Australia.

What do you think?

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