I do… but I don’t want the stress that comes with it

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I always vowed that I would never be one of those brides who stressed themselves silly during the planning of their wedding day.stressed-bride

So when I got engaged a few months ago I was determined to be organised, and organise everything without a fuss. It was all on track and within only a couple of weeks I seemed to have most of our wedding planned. I was quite pleased with myself as we were only having a relatively short engagement of about 8 months.

So with everything but planned, something of course had to go wrong, and it did. We had some issues with our reception venue not wanting to cooperate with certain aspects of the reception and I found myself blubbering those dreaded words “I’ve turned into one of those brides!”

I was stressed out and taking it out on my future hubby. Of course it wasn’t actually his fault but I sure as hell made it out to be!

Thankfully I had great friends to turn to for help and within a week or so everything was back on track and I was in control again. (Control issues is another story all together!) I was quietly pleased that everything was once again going smoothly. Then….. we added up the budget. I was back to having a blubber and muttering “I vowed I was never going to spend this much money on my wedding!”

It was actually future hubby who said that we were only going to do this once, we’ve cut costs where we could and at the end of the day it was only money. Music to my ears of course, and how wonderful was he to say that! I should have realised there would be some stress along the way and budgets always blow out no matter how hard you try. Feeding 150 odd people is always going to be expensive, even if it is a cocktail party and if a great photographer is more important to me than table decorations then that’s what I’ll spend my money on!

Weddings are a very personal thing and it’s always going to be hard in some cases, but thankfully we are down to relatively small decisions (but sometimes seem large and stressful!) like do we have a gift registry, a wishing well or both. Apparently a wishing well isn’t as common as I thought, must be a new age thing! At the end of the day it’s the I do and the party afterwards that will be all that matters! Oh and a long happy marriage afterwards!

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