Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall.

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humpty_dumptyWell Kyle Sandilands did anyway. So following on from his ‘radio scandal’ and ‘dumping’ from Australian Idol, now comes the next Kyle installment which was always bound to happen: ‘his entire fall from grace’.

This week’s Womans Day reports:

The shamed radio host fears that with his career in crisis he’s about to lose it all, writes Angela Mollard.

Just 10 months ago, Kyle Sandilands sat on his throne like a portly king surveying the opulent scene before him. He took in the A-list celebrity guests, the ostentatious eight-tier cake, the thousands of Swarovski crystals used to spell out his and his bride’s names and, of course, Tamara herself, dressed in 200 metres of finest quality silk.

If ever there was a moment when he felt he had made it, this was it. Yet less than a year after his grossly extravagant wedding, the self-styled media king has hit rock bottom.

In TV’s most humiliating dethroning, he has lost his $1 million-a-year job on Australian Idol, cost his radio employers millions in lost advertising, and invited the spotlight onto his finances, with his debts estimated at $2.2 million.

kylesandilandsAnd all because he cast aside decency, caution and the traditional seven-second program delay which might have saved him, and instead grilled a 14-year-old girl about her sexual experiences on-air.

Now, just as he has reached the peak of his career, Kyle’s world is crumbling around him and Woman’s Day can reveal that he is terrified he is about to lose all he has created.

“He’s spent his whole life working towards being rich and famous, and now that he’s achieved that, he’s extremely worried that it’s all going to evaporate,” says one media insider.

Reactions to the radio stunt have been strong, with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd saying, “This is really off. It’s wrong, shouldn’t be done. This is a young girl and I am really distressed at the way in which the young person has been treated. [A police investigation] is entirely appropriate.”

So where does ‘King Kyle’ go from here? Did he deserve everything he got, was it only a matter of time?

When the ‘radio scandal’ broke, I, much to my own surprise, defended Kyle and what had happened. I didn’t however defend the segment and nor will I. Ever. But has this fall from grace really been justified. (Don’t worry I’m ready for the disagreements!)

In this whole situation and looking back on Kyle as a ‘shock jock’, he can’t be entirely to blame. There have been reports that the people surrounding the Kyle & Jackie O radio show have become yes-men to the radio stars, basically letting them do whatever they like, because they are, or were, the number 1 radio show in Australia.

Now humour me while I liken this to a parent/child situation. If a mother gives her child everything they ask for, then that is what they will continue to expect it and if not, then brace yourself for a tantrum. See the similarities? Kyle, and Jackie O as well for that matter, no doubt have become accustomed to pretty much doing what they like, while they continued to get ratings. Was their coming undone inevitable? Well, yes. Should it have been over this ‘scandal’? Probably not.

And don’t even get me started on Australian Idol. Well ok, I’ll have a little rant. Did you watch it? If you did you would have seen that most of the entertainment came from Kyle. Didn’t watch it? Well I can assure you that Kyle just says what no doubt most of us are thinking. He does it for attention, he does it for ratings and he does it because that’s what he has always done and up until now no one has told him to stop.

So I guess only time will tell if all the kings horses and all the kings men can put this humpty dumpty back together again.

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