How well do you know yourself…

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Don’t worry it’s not a serious piece, just some puff, because I’m too busy and too tired to think of anything deep and meaningful!

I just thought I’d share an observation with you. Over the past couple of days our receptionist has been sick. Apart from murphy’s law where the phone has been ringing off the hook and there’s a million and one little things that needs doing, my coffee, yes my coffee just hasn’t been the same.

Now for those that know me, I didn’t use to drink coffee at all. Now I look forward to my morning coffee from Kendall our receptionist! But, BUT since I have made my own (no I’m not a spoilt brat!) it just doesn’t taste the same as when Kendall makes it. As I sipped my coffee this afternoon, (because I was too busy to have one this morning) I thought to myself I don’t even know how I like my coffee, Kendall does!

That’s all.

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  • Ben
    June 12, 2009

    THAT IS SO TRUE!!!! But its the same with everything. I cant get my sandwiches to taste anything like somebody elses no matter how hard i try. Is it in our head or is it a reality. A PUFF for thought?

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