How one little puppy became king of the castle.

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I was thinking this morning how things have changed since we got our puppy Jack back on Easter Sunday. Oh boy how things have changed! And I thought I would share our furry journey with you!

Love at first sight!

So if you know us you would know the story of John (my hubby) saying NO all the time to my pleas for a puppy, his complaints about dog hair, dander, allergies, etc. You can read about that HERE. Then finally on a trip to the RSPCA he caved, because this innocent little kelpie looked at John as only a little pup who needs a mum and dad can, and that was it. Not only was John smitten, but he declared that Jack had picked him. You can read all about that HERE.

And so, we take our little bundle of fur joy home, and John instantly put down the ground rules. He is to sleep outside. He’s not allowed on any furniture. His inside mat will be at the back door and he is NOT to move off that when he comes in.

And so on night one my new baby boy cried and cried and cried outside, so I slept on the lounge and he slept on his inside mat next me on the floor. Next day we bought him a kennel and sleeping outside was no longer a problem. Somehow though his inside mat stayed next to us on the floor near the lounge and Jack was never far from his Dad’s feet!

john_jack2Then John started bringing Jack upstairs of a morning before his walk to have a quick snuggle on the END of the bed! Then on John’s first trip away from us, I may have given him his own blanket to sit on, on the end of the lounge. It was winter, I was cold, he was cold and well, John was away so who was going to stop me!

Then I’m afraid I turned Jack into a complete mama’s boy on John’s second trip away from us. The second night of John being away, I put Jack out and went to bed. I then heard him barking at some people who walking past the side of our house.

The people, no doubt drunk, then came up to our side gate and started barking back at Jack. Jack was beside himself, crying and throwing himself at the back door. Like any good mum, I raced downstairs and took him up to bed with me. And so it began of Jack sleeping inside. He of course got kicked off the bed once John got home, but had his own nice little bed in the corner of our room.

jack2-003And if all of that wasn’t enough, and if you didn’t already think he was one spoilt fur-baby. Jack has now decided that not only is he king of the bloody castle, he’s also more human than dog, and requires a pillow for his morning nap on our bed before we go to work!

So what was it that I was saying? Oh yes. OH BOY HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED!


And the moral of the story is? John’s a big fat softie, and I’m a very proud mama! Yes, god help our future children!

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  • Jodie at Mummy Mayhem
    November 25, 2009

    Aww. How cute! We got out dog from a shelter about a year ago, and I was just saying to Hubby last night that I must post about his transition in to our home!

    I was a bit like John. Must not sleep in the house…the damn dog sleeps on a mat in our bedroom quite often!

    Cute little thing your puppy is.

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