How full would your swear jar be?

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swearingFor some reason I have been hearing a lot about the topic of swearing lately so of course I decided I would rant about my opinion on one such topic.

Gone are the days of swearing being associated with feral loud mouth people as it has in my opinion worked its way into everyday Australian life. Of course there are limitations and place appropriate behaviour, but I would think it is fair to say that most or a lot of people swear.

If categorising swearing into low, medium and high I would put myself in the medium category. I know when it’s appropriate not to swear but if I’m pissed off then look out! So what are appropriate places to swear and inappropriate places to swear?

Recently there was a news story or probably more like a Today Tonight story about someone trying to ban swearing from workplaces. Unfortunately I didn’t pay close enough attention to the ins and outs of the story but you can guess the general gist. My first thought was how bloody ridiculous you can’t ‘ban’ it from a workplace, but then I thought about it some more and of course it really does depend on where you work.

swearing_kidTake my workplace for example. I work at an Advertising Agency. There’s only 7 of us here, it’s pretty laid back and while we’re not excessive swearers if the situation calls for it, we all swear. We don’t swear at each other, just when telling a story or making a point. However in a previous life I worked as Beauty Therapist at a swanky resort where of course it was appropriate to swear in general at the workplace.

So in addition to workplaces what about everyday life swearing and what about swearing online? In everyday life like I said I would say medium swearer especially at home when I’m going on some rant to my poor other half, but online is a different story. I don’t know what it is but I will happily let the ‘F Bomb’ fall out of my mouth but yet would think twice about typing it online. If I read the ‘F Bomb’ online I don’t really think about it, however I was a little taken aback recently when someone dropped the ‘C Bomb’ on Twitter but I don’t like that word in general.

So that leads me to my next question about swearing online. Should people that do swear online be considerate of others just like if you were having a conversation with them and they said excuse me do you mind not using that language, or is online fair game and tough s*#t if you don’t like what someone has written?

Interesting stuff isn’t it!!

So tell me what you think, in the nicest possible way though! And why not start your own swear jar for a week. Go on I dare, the results might surprise you!

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