How do you react when someone famous dies?

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michael-jacksonFor those living under a rock Michael Jackson “King of Pop” passed away this morning from a heart attack.

It made me think of people’s reactions when a celebrity dies.

When I heard the news of Michael’s death I was shocked, not upset or teary, just shocked. When I heard Farrah Fawcett had died I was saddened. When I heard the news of Princess Diana’s death I was shocked and a little bit upset. When Belinda Emmett died, I cried, when Jane McGrath died, I cried. Our reactions to celebrities dying I think are quite fascinating.

Is it strange that we get upset? Or is it strange or are we not human if we don’t feel anything and don’t get upset? We often feel like we know celebrities as we watch what they are up to through the media, hence our often personal and emotional reactions.

How did you react to Michael’s death or another celebrity’s? We’re you surprised by your reaction?

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