Hot girls anyone?!

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Boys, I bet that got your attention! megan_foxWell. Boy, did I have a week of hot girls last week! Excuse me while I just pour a bucket of  icy cold water on myself! Right, ok that’s better.

Now it all started when we went to see the new Transformers movie. Yep, that’s right, I’m of course talking about Megan Fox. She really is one sexy lady. And while she has been compared thousands of times to Angelina Jolie I get the impression that maybe Megan has a little more ‘spunk’ about her!

Anyway, about the movie – it was pretty good, a little toooooo long at 2hours 40mins, but still good. Oh and of course there was Josh Duhamal to look at!

pnk_concert_21Then as if that wasn’t enough for one week, on Friday night we went to P!NK’s concert. Holy dooley has that chick got a set of ab’s! I reminded future hubby to make sure he enjoyed them as he has no hope of ever getting them at home!

As I watched her strut her stuff, I did actually feel inspired to start exercising, like really exercising! Thankfully it only lasted a second!

So apart from making all girls envious of her ridiculous fit body, she also belted out her tunes like there was no tomorrow. Trust me this girl can sing! None of this airy fairy lip syncing crap, she has a fantastic voice and definitely put it to good use!

I wonder if she’s available for weddings?!

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