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bahhumbugI cannot believe that it’s only 3 weeks till Christmas. I did not know this time frame off the top of my head, I had to count it on the calendar, because, well because I’m not really feeling Christmassy at all this year.

I puffed about lights being up, and department stores going ga ga over Christmas back in bloody September, you can read about that HERE, and so ever since then I think I’ve been subconsciously thinking that it’s just so far away it’ll take FOREVER to get here.

But no, here we are with 3 weeks to go. We have no presents purchased and no Christmas tree gracing us with its presence at our place. We had hubby’s work Christmas party last Friday night and when someone said to me Merry Christmas I had to take a moment for my blonde brain to catch up and remember why we were there in the first place. Oh yes, of course a Christmas party, “Merry Christmas too”.

And so what seems to be the world’s fastest year, (we say that every year now), Christmas has seriously snuck up on me, yet I’m still not merrily singing jingle bells from the rooftops. Heck, I’m not even singing jingle bells in my head, let alone from a rooftop. Maybe it’s the fast crazy year that we seem to have had, I’m just not sure, I can’t put my finger on my Grinch like behaviour!

I’m sure once Christmas morning comes and all the nieces and nephews are madly ripping open their Santa presents, the Christmas spirit will kick in. And then after we’ve all stuffed ourselves stupid with too much Christmas lunch and mince pies and all need a nap by 2pm, the Christmas cheer will have definitely kicked in!

Does it feel like Christmas to you? Does it help if you have kids to get you into the Christmas spirit nice and early?

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