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Over the past few months I have been faced with a number of ‘firsts’!

Since starting at Sticky Advertising in September last year I have slowly been ‘corrupted’ by the other ‘Sticky thinkers’ AKA staff!

I now enjoy a coffee each morning (though I’m not quite up to Gordon’s 10 per day!), I was then introduced to Twitter (which our boss encourages us to use at work!), I know what SEO stands for and how it works and here I am typing away on my first blog.

With Puff Pieces to come on everyday life, what life throws at us and all the other things in between, I hope there is something here for you to enjoy.

No wiki’s or SEO stats here, just ‘ponderings’ turned into stories. (Check out and for all things media and digital).

While the site is pink (and proud) and I’m afraid I’m at that marriage and gooing over babies, time in my life, GUYS, you never know what you might learn.

As a 20-something almost married advertising account exec; you never know what I might come up with next!

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