Hello birthday. Where did you come from?

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funnyoldladybirthdaySo last week was my birthday and I turned the ripe old age of 26. Ok, so maybe the young age of 26!
Anyway, I’ve been thinking about this birthday since last week and have been wondering a few things which of course I’m going to share with you.

The 14th October seem to come around scarily fast this year, and I have my theories on behind why this happened.

One was our wedding. I have been so preoccupied with the wedding planning since Feb, and then d-day at the end of September, then the Honeymoon then back to work and oh look it’s now my birthday.

oldladybirthdayNumber two is, and dare I say it, maybe I’m just getting that little bit older when you don’t ‘hang out’ for your birthday to arrive and when asked what you’d like for your birthday you’re lost for words as opposed to whipping out your list that you had prepared earlier!

I think it’s also the same for Christmas. I’ve definitely reached THAT age when you groan that Christmas is only 8 weeks away, because it’s all coming around far to freaking quickly, instead of groaning that it’s STILL 8 weeks till Christmas and would the school holidays please just bloody hurry up!

So I wonder how I’ll be feeling in a little just under a year when number 27 is rolling around, without a wedding to keep me occupied!

Do you feel the same about birthdays?

And in case you missed what happened at my b’day BBQ, you can check out the video HERE!

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