Have you seen my glasses?

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It would appear that we have a glasses thief in our midst, and I’m not talking about the reading kind. (Although I do occasionally misplace those too.) Nope, I’m talking about the drinking kind.

Since just before Christmas I commented to Hubby that it seemed easier to fit all the glasses into the cupboard. This may not seem so strange, except I used to battle on a daily basis to fit them all in, without having to stash some in a different cupboard or on a different shelf.

But now I can fit ALL our glasses onto the shelf in the cupboard and there’s still room left over for a shindig of at least 23 people. So where have all our glasses gone? Well that’s what I would like to know.

I’ve checked the other cupboards. I’ve check the bottom drawer of the dishwasher. Heck I’ve even checked the bloody bathroom. You never know, stranger things have happened. And all to no avail. I seriously have absolutely no idea where the hell they’ve all gone.

And it’s not even like I’m looking for something that I’ve misplaced, or just had a boy look. They have simply disappeared. There’s no other explanation for it. Either that, or our puppy has developed a thing for glasses and he’s stashing them in a secret dog’s business place.

So if you see any little lost glasses running around please send them my way. I’m having to wash up far too often, without a plethora of drinking glasses. Phew, well I’m glad I got that off my chest!

  • Jane
    January 15, 2010

    How frustrating! My money is on Jack – he looks like a cheeky, glass-stealing kind of pooch :)

    I have the same problem with bobby pins. I keep buying them, they keep disappearing. No freakin clue where they go. xx

  • Ami
    January 15, 2010

    Yes I’m going for Jack too! Seen as he stashed Hubby’s thongs in his kennel once! Thankfully he didn’t chew them!

    And funny you should mention bobby pins! I’ve blogged about that one before!!


  • Megan
    January 15, 2010

    Ami, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment! I thought, hmmm I wonder who that is? Came here to visit and, having only read one post so far, I’m about to add your blog onto my list.

    “there‚Äôs still room left over for a shindig of at least 23 people” – pure gold. Love it.

    Funny thing is, I have exactly the same problem. I have no idea where our glasses have gone either! Is it the same thief or are there lots of them out there??

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