Has reality TV gone too far?

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Some may say yes, in the case of octo-mum as she’s now affectionately known, after it has been reported she is about to get her own show.

Octo-mum, Nadya Suleman

Octo-mum, Nadya Suleman

Yet to be sold to an American TV station, the reality show has been pitched as less intrusive than normal reality shows and won’t film the mum and her 14 children 24 hours a day but rather focus on special occasions and birthdays. Does that make it more ok? Once again we see a parent (think Denise Richards) exposing their children to millions of people around the world and the children don’t get a say. They are too young to understand what’s going on and of course too young to speak for themselves.

Octo-mum, real name Nadya Suleman, rose to ‘fame’ when she gave birth to 8 babies in January after already having 6 children. I don’t doubt the single mum is struggling financially but is a friendship with Dr Phil followed by a reality show the answer to all her money worries. I doubt it.

You may remember footage of when some of the babies were released from the hospital and she had trouble getting into her own garage safely with all paparazzi. How on earth does she think that by having a reality TV show it will make her immune to any more of this paparazzi attention? Oh well I guess it’s another classic case of greed and money winning over commonsense.

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