Goodbye Aunty Dink xx

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Aunty Dink, Nonna, Me, Uncle Keith

When I was born I had 6 grandparents 2 great grandparents a great great Aunty and a great great Uncle. Slowly they have passed away one by one leaving 2 grandmothers and my great great Aunty and Uncle. Until yesterday. My great great Aunty Dink passed away. She was 88.

Aunty Dink (whose real name was actually Ivy Grace) was my mum’s great Aunty on my grandmothers side. From England, we would only get to see her and Uncle Keith when they came on holiday to Australia. They loved to travel and would always hire a car and drive up to Tamworth to visit us. A block of toblerone for my brother & I was a given! And sometimes we were lucky enough to receive 50£ for our birthday! We also loved visiting them when they stayed at Manly right on the beach. Whenever I think of Manly I always think of Aunty Dink and Uncle Keith.

Aunty Dink was always a character! She loved to chat, always wore the same style of dress, below the knee, short sleeves, buttons down the front, and stockings and always wanted to know if anyone had any ‘hot goss’!

I’m so grateful that despite their ailing health they still managed a trip out to Oz not long before John & I got married in 2009 and they were able to meet John.

Sadly they’ll never meet Sophie their great great great niece, but apparently Aunty Dink understood that I’d had a baby and that she was Sophie’s great great great Aunty, which makes my heart smile.

Aunty Dink was one of those people in my life who you just expected to always be around.

Bye Aunty Dink we’ll miss you and you can be rest assured I’ll eat plenty of toblerone in your honour. xx

  • Anne
    January 30, 2011

    Beautiful words written Ami about a lovely lady. I have such fond memories of staying with Auntie Dink for lots of weekends and holidays in England when I lived there as a young girl. I know that Auntie Dink would have absolutely adored Sophie Grace. Thank you Ami for this tribute. May Auntie Dink rest in peace.

  • Jane
    January 31, 2011

    What a beautiful post. She sounds like a great lady. RIP Aunty Dink, and lots of Toblerone-y hugs and kisses to you, Ami xxx

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