Going with your gut.

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Gut feeling...

Don’t worry it’s not another pregnancy post! Not right now anyway!

I’ve never been someone who lives my life by gut feelings. And that’s not because I don’t believe in following your gut, it’s because more often than not I don’t get strong gut feelings to tell me what to do.

When we were in Florence we bought some beautiful leather jackets. I paid for mine with cash and hubby put his 2, (yes 2) on his credit card. This detail will become important I promise. So we get back to the hotel and showed our friends our purchases. They too decided to go and have a look and so we headed back to the store where we bought them. They also bought 3 jackets between the 2 of them and the guy offered to post them back to Australia.

Hubby said let’s go get ours and have them posted too as we still had about 3 weeks of our trip left and being summer in Europe we wouldn’t need them. I hesitated. Then I hesitated some more. C’mon said hubby, there’s no point in use lugging them around. Did I mention that I hesitated. Eventually I said ok and we walked back to the hotel to get our jackets for posting as well. Walking back I kept thinking I would much rather just carry mine if I have to. Hubby thought I was being a bit silly worrying that they wouldn’t show up, and the guy had assured us they would be waiting for us when we arrived back home to the freezing Aussie winter!

Ok, I finally said, post them, but they better be there when we get home. We gave our friends business address so that there would always be someone there to accept the packages.

So we get home and guess what? That’s right folks, no leather jackets. I bloody knew it, was my first thought. ‘Just give it a bit more time’ was Hubby’s attitude. Ok, so maybe they got stuck in customs, or, or, I don’t know, maybe never got posted! Days went by. A couple of weeks went by. Every night I’d say to hubby, I bloody knew it, I just knew it, I had a really strong gut feeling just to take them with us, but no we had to bloody post them. Yes I went on and on and on, you get the picture.

Hubby kept saying, we can just call the credit card company and say we never received the goods and get refunded. Yes that was fine for his 2, but remember, I paid cash for mine.

Then finally we get an email from our friend that a package had arrived from Italy. Woohoo I thought, finally our jackets! Unfortunately it wasn’t jackets, but jacket. Just one. One of our friends. I was very deflated to say the least. We emailed the company in Florence who assured us that 4 had been posted, and 2 were posted to the wrong address so they were waiting to get them back to re-post them. Yeah right I thought.

Then wouldn’t you know it another package arrived. It was my jacket and hubby’s 2 jackets. Relief is seriously an understatement. So about 4 weeks after we got home and 7 weeks after we’d purchased them, we finally had our sweet smelling leather in our hot little hands.

Unfortunately however, I seem to have put on some back fat during the last couple of months of pregnancy and won’t be wearing my leather jacket any time soon. Well not comfortably anyway. And more unfortunately our friends other 2 jackets are still yet to arrive. I am a little more hopeful though than before seen as some have arrived.

And so that was the tale of our leather jackets and me not following my gut. And while we have a mostly happy ending, I still wish I had have followed my gut that day in Florence. And next time that happens, I think I’ll be putting my puffy pregnancy foot down.

Do you get strong gut feelings about things? Do you follow them?

  • Jane
    August 2, 2010

    Boo to back fat! I hope those other 2 jackets arrive soon.

    My instincts are absolutely rubbish and almost never spot on. I think I’m way too trusting of others, and I could never believe that someone would deliberately want to screw me around. I’m too naive.

    My boyfriend on the other hand, has the most amazing gut instinct I’ve ever seen. He can detect a traitor from a mile away. This often comes in handy, but unfortunately it also means that I can never lie to him about how much money I spent on those boots, or how many cocktails I had last night.

    I think gut instinct comes with experience. The more you know, the more confidence you have to follow your instincts.

    Great post xx

  • Zoey @ Good Goog
    August 2, 2010

    I’m a big believer in following your gut instinct or intuition or whatever you want to call it. And that most of the time when you’re having trouble making a decision it’s because your gut is trying to tell you something. So I always listen, even when I’m not happy about it ;-)

  • Another Amy
    August 4, 2010

    Hi Ami, great post!
    I am a huge believer in my gut, I always seem to feel what is right, but my problem is sometimes I just don’t have the confidence to trust it. But I do try to now more and more since previous experience has shown that I would be correct!
    My hubby doesn’t have such a strong gut feeling as me, but often asks me for what my gut is saying…Am sure you will have a very good gut feeling on how to be a mumma when your baby arrives!

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