GFC… Global Financial Chic that is

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You’ve no doubt heard the term GFC – Global Financial Crisis thrown around lately but I’d rather talk about the other GFC – Global Financial Chic!

One of the latest offerings from Tar-jay

One of the latest offerings from Tar-jay

To some people this means the day’s of expensive designer labels and regular shopping trips are dwindling. But for some people cheap chic is what they’ve always done!

I recently read an article about Target orĀ  Tar-jay as we love to call it, becoming Australia’s version of Britain’s Topshop. The opening line read: “It’s official. Target has become our answer to Britain’s Topshop”. The words, “has become”, made me think. I have no problems what so ever admitting that for years I have shopped at Target, excuse me, sorry, Tar-jay! Never mind the GFC, just try being a Uni student.

(For those who aren’t familiar with Topshop, it is basically Britain’s answer to Target, maybe a little further infront in terms of fashion and has celebrity designers such as Kate Moss, just like Target did here with Stella McCartney.)

So I find the whole thing a little bit funny that it’s taken a CRISIS to bring Target into the Spotlight. Maybe it’s the once Target snobs that would now like this PR story to take off to justify that during these tough times it’s ok for them to be decked out in an ensemble from Tar-jay!

What are your thoughts? Have you changed your spending habits since the crisis, because you had to, or thought you should? Or are you a regular bargain hunter anyway?

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