Fun Friday: I heart this puppy!

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Let’s have a little bit of light relief and finish Friday off on a warm and fuzzy note!

From ninemsn: This loveable chihuahua puppy was born, like its brother, with a perfect heart-shaped marking on its back.

heart_puppy1The three-day-old pup “Love-kun” has the same parents as its two-year-old brother “Heart-kun”, who also made headlines after its birth in Japan. The new pup arrived in a litter of four others, none of which had the distinctive heart marking. Both dogs were photographed together at a pet shop in Odate, northern Japan.


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  • Peter
    August 8, 2009

    It’s very interesting as I just also came across a post about a milk cow with a heart shape marking on her forehead.

    There are few animals are gifted as human being fav!

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