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There aren’t many things that make my blood boil. Ok, maybe there’s a few, and today’s story on Greg Bird is one of them. Apparently now it was all an accident and Katie Milligan, Greg Bird’s girlfriend “didn’t believe anybody would believe it was an accident – here’s a guy who everyone wants to believe is an aggressive footballer,” she told the court.

One word: Bullshit.

If it were an accident as they are now maintaining, and a judge has also believed, quashing Bird’s conviction, then why the hell did they not say this in first place and fight his innocence with the truth, instead of initially blaming it on a flat mate that wasn’t even within the vicinity.

So here we have another footballer ‘getting off’. What kind of example are we setting for those that look up to these people? Regardless now of whether he did or did not ‘glass’ his girlfriend, they have both lied to police and lied to the courts.

I simply just don’t have any more words to say about this other than UGH.

You can read the full news story HERE.

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