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Sometimes things happen that make you think, you know what, I’m bloody lucky and make you never want to whinge again. Last night something happened that made me think just that.

Our fur babies in action!

Our fur babies in action!

A few weeks ago a group of us were out for dinner and we started talking about our fur-babies (yes dogs), as we do. We got onto the topic of what would you do or more specifically pay to save your dog if he/she were sick or injured.

I immediately said I couldn’t put a price on Jack, our puppy’s, life, while the other half, ummed and arred for a bit and said actually you know what I’d find it hard not to try anything to save him too.

So. Deep breath. Last night our friend told us the sad news that one of his beloved dogs has cancer. He cried, I cried and even the future husband got a bit upset. The poor little thing is only about 4 years old and you would never guess there was anything wrong with him. He’s full of beans, a social little butterfly and of course always happy to sit and have lots of pats.

So after hearing this news it also reminded me of another conversation we all had about our fur-babies, and actually dogs/animals in general. The conversation went something like this: when a dog or an animal is injured it’s almost worse than if the same thing happened to a human. This is not because we value an animal life over a human life or vice versa, but because an it is harder for an animal to defend itself. And you can’t sit your dog down and explain that they are sick and they need to have Chemo to make them better, and could they please just hold still for the vet so he can stick this needle in your arm.

It’s a strange concept I know, but one that I’m sure many people can agree with.

So little Bert, be good for your Dad and let the vet do his thing because your cousin Jack wants to come and have a rumble with you very soon.

This post is of course dedicated to Bert. Get well soon little buddy.

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    August 27, 2009


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