Flicking the mummy switch

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When is it that we actually make that decision that we want to become a mum? pram

For some people becoming a mum is just a given. From the time they could walk and talk and play with dolls there was no question they’d grow up to have children.

But when is that actual moment that you make a silent promise to someone who doesn’t yet exist that you will in many ways give up the lifestyle you have always known, become completely selfless and care for that little person 24/7.

For me, I was always one of the little girls who always knew I wanted to have children. As I got older I had decided in my head that 30 would be a great age to start having kids. Enough time to study, have a career and of course have some fun!

Now as I sit here and write this at nearly 26 I find myself thinking that maybe I am closer than I thought I would be to wanting to become selfless and sleep deprived!

The drive of working through the ranks and clawing my way to the top of the career ladder is slowly leaving me, and I find myself more excited about playdates with our niece, having a pretend BBQ with our nephews and hearing all about what my little cousins got up to at school.

I completely understand that having your own is entirely different but when that desire to be a mum switch is flicked on in your head and your heart there’s no going back.

Part of my early onset baby wanting I think can be attributed to the age of my future hubby. At 12 years older I am very aware of not wanting our kids to grow up with an ‘old’ dad. Which brings me to my next question, how old is too old to become a Dad for the first time?

I think I’ll ponder that and leave it till next time!

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