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closet-cartoonIn a perfect world I would…..


I think I could easily have a million things to finish that sentence, so I’ve decided to group mine into topics! Today’s topic is organisation!

While I was sitting at the hairdressers on Tuesday night staring back at myself as one can only do when sat in front of a massive mirror, I thought gosh my make-up hasn’t lasted that well today.

I was going straight from the hairdresser out to dinner and I suddenly thought I really should have a little make-up kit in my bag for emergencies such as this.

And so my organisation list begins!

In a perfect world I would:

  • Have a little make-up kit in my bag for touch-ups!
  • Iron all my clothes after they are washed. This way I reckon I would have a lot more to choose from in the morning!
    And speaking of choosing clothes, if I chose something to wear the night before then I wouldn’t have to be rushing around in the morning’s. Loving this perfect world already.
  • Wash up every night. Then there wouldn’t be that dread of a morning of the night befores dishes.
  • Get up at 6am with my hubby and pooch and go walking. Yes, that would definitely happen in my perfect world instead of rolling over and going back to sleep. Which leads me to my next point.
  • Get up at 7am when hubby and pooch get home instead of laying in bed wishing for more sleep. Instead I tend to drag my butt out of bed around 7.30am sit on the couch munch on some cereal then about 8.15 go, oh shit, I really should go and have a shower.
  • Take more time to get ready. See previous point! I just don’t allow myself enough time for the blow-drying, straightening etc etc! But yet when I DO take the time to actually get ready properly I feel so much better walking out the door.
  • But actually having said all that in a perfect world I would have beautiful naturally STRAIGHT hair. I would have a maid that washed up for me! I wouldn’t have to go to work and I would sleep all day snuggled up with my pooch! Oh hang on, it was a perfect world, not non-existent magical world!
  • Anyway, finally in a perfect world…. I wouldn’t care what I looked like walking out the door, I wouldn’t care about the dishes, and I wouldn’t worry about not having any make-up on. Oh that’s right, I’m pretty much there already!!

What would be in your perfect organisational world?!

  • Jodie Ansted
    October 29, 2009

    OMG Ami! This sounds like my life…pre-children. The ironing thing, dishes, getting up in the morn (now I’m up at 5.55am most mornings because my 2yr old demands it) – and I was always rushing for work because I’d leave getting up until the VERY last min. My hair: same. Kind of wavy and wild. Now I just throw it back in a pony tail. Ho hum.

    Great post! x

  • Nomie
    October 29, 2009

    Ah, yes… well, am hearing you with the perfectly straight hair… will see how I go needing to straighten it every day now… and leave home at 7.15 am at the latest to get to work… oh, wait, in a perfect world I wouldn’t go to work… and I’d sleep in. Mornings, blah!

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