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mjSo Matthew Johns has lost his job… what now? Let’s see how long or not so long it takes for this media circus to end and nothing to change in the NRL.

It’s been very interesting over the past couple of days following different opinions on this story, and let’s face it EVERYONE has an opinion on this one!

So did you watch A Current Affair last night? I think most people did purely out of curiousity. I wonder if anyone’s opinion on the situation has changed?

My final opinion for what it’s worth: Did Matthew Johns deserve to lose his job? I don’t think this question has a black and white answer. Yes what he did was morally wrong and if Channel 9 didn’t sack him then they would have appeared to be condoning certain behaviour, so either way Channel 9 was in a tricky situation. I’m going to have a very sore bum on this and sit on the fence.

At the end of the day no charges were ever laid and the only crimes Matthew Johns committed was to engage in a disgusting situation and cheat on his wife. Trisha Johns has been blasted in the media for standing by her husband, but have these people stopped to think that this happened 7 years ago and they have worked through their issues privately. Some are calling her dumb for sticking around, I think she is brave for appearing on national television last night and conducting herself in the classy way that she did.

So, will this clean up the rest of the NRL and will the NRL actually do something about the rest of the scandals they seem to face on a regular basis? Only time will tell. As for Matthew being the only player named, the rest of them should come forward. And if we’re going down that track then why weren’t the Bulldogs players named for their Coffs Harbour incident. Oh the list could go on.

My last opinion/whinge/observation, whatever you want to call it, is in relation to Andrew Johns. Why when he came out and admitted he was a drug addict was he applauded for his HONESTY (give me a break he just got caught) and then ends up smelling like roses with a lucrative Channel 9 career. All smells of hypocrisy to me.

So as Matthew Johns wakes up this morning minus a job I’m going back to sit on the fence.

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