Feel them up Friday…

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Recently on Twitter a conversation about Breast Cancer led @carolduncan and @SeraphimSP to start the initiative #Feelthemupfriday to get women to check their breasts. The Twitter initiative is today and is to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. If you’re on Twitter, turn your avatar pink, if you haven’t already to show your support.

Without a doubt every woman has a cancer story. Whether it be her own, or that of a friend, and that is scary stuff. So in honour of #Feelthemupfriday, check your breasts, and encourage all your friends to do the same.

You can add your story to @SeraphimSP’s blog HERE and read @carolduncan’s story HERE.

You can also listen to Carol Duncan HERE talking about #Feelthemupfriday after 11am today.

I also encourage you to read an extremely moving and heartful story by Jodi HERE about losing her Mum to Breast Cancer. Be warned, take the tissues.

Happy Feel Them Up Friday everyone.

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