Family Traditions

I often wonder in this ‘day and age’ how many families continue their traditions that have been around many years before them.

My Christening with Mum & Dad

In my family, not many traditions come to mind, except the lighting of the Christmas Pudding at, of course, Christmas, and the family Christening Gown. It’s the family Christening Gown that has me wondering about other families traditions.

Back in 1899 my Great Great Grandmother, Clara Alice made a Christening Gown for my Great Grandfather Michael. Since Michael another 18 babies have worn the gown, including my Nonna, Mum, myself and my brother.

Our baby will be lucky number 20 to wear the gown. Now as my husband and I aren’t religious we didn’t feel right having our baby Christened in a church and have been discussing having a Naming Day. I know there’ll be some eyerolls about the ‘moderness’ of a Naming Day, but I feel it’s important to continue our family tradition of the gown, and I think a Naming Day is a great way for us to do that.

My brother at his Christening in 1986

Continuing on with the family tradition theme for Tic Tac we’re also using a very special bassinet. The bassinet was made by hubby’s Dad for the first Streeter boy some 42 years ago! Since then hubby and his 3 brothers have used it, I believe a couple of cousin’s and some of the latest Streeter offspring have called it their first bed at home.

Does your family have any special traditions? Did you have any sentimental family things that you used for your baby or that you had as a baby?

  • MaidInAustralia
    October 4, 2010

    Oh dear, this is a difficult one for me. We were all christened in our own christening frocks (boys too), which were give to us by our Mum when we moved out of home.
    When Mr 9 was baptised, I couldn’t bear the thought of him wearing a frock. And it was an itchy, lacy old-fashioned one and he had eczema so I couldn’t put him through it.
    We put him in a cute outfit instead, though I did wrap him in the outfit’s accompanying lacy and uncomfortable shawl.
    I don’t think Mum has ever forgiven me.
    I was going to get Miss 7 baptised in the frock, but we waited so long she was too big for the frock. So again, she was baptised in a different outfit (a nice soft one) and wrapped in the shawl.
    I do feel sorry I dropped the boat on this one, but I still have mixed feeling as I thought I was doing the best thing for my kids.
    Mum vs my own kids, very hard, no real winners.
    But good luck for the birth of your baby and many new traditions to come. xo

  • MaidInAustralia
    October 4, 2010

    I must add that we did have our kids baptised in a church, even though my Ex and his family are non-believers and opposed it. But I guess that’s one tradition I wanted to continue, because although I’m more spiritual than religious, it was kind of a right of passage to mark the miracle of life for me.

  • Thea
    October 6, 2010

    I love traditions.
    I made a Christening gown when my niece was born in 1998 using lace the my Grandma found that belonged to her mother. So far it’s been worn 9 times, including by my two.
    We had the dilemma of a church baptism too, because we don’t go to church either. But I decided to have a Catholic ceremony in the church where I (and my whole family) were baptised and married. I’m really glad now we did, it was lovely.

    We also used the cot my mother, her brothers and sister and all of my family including cousins (and me) slept in. I love traditions! :)

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